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Nature cart

The most loved and stylish vehicle is the nature cart from the land of. Beasts even though there are many stylish vehicles this reached the top. It is a horse pulled cat and has no top to have fresh air. The out side of the cart is decerated by vines and has two buckets on each of the sides with flowers on the side people can have any flowers on there cart beside snap dragons. The reason no one is allowed to have snap dragons on there cart is the king and queens cart are supposed to only have them on there carts when the go around. Inside the the carts are six really greatly made cushions that are really soft and they are even made from rona feathers. Rona feathers are some of the softest feathers of all time. There are also bag holders and cup holders next to every seat on the right side. It can carry up to six people and three people up front of the cart. In the front of the car there are four horses that pull the cart then there are three seats up front with no cup holders or bag holders at all. They are made out of lots of woods there is spruce dragons wood and steel wood are the most common. Some rare ones are purple wood and blue wood. The defenses are what wood is on it if it has steel wood or purple wood it is fairly strong.

Power Generation

It is pulled by four horses

Weapons & Armament

The don't have any defense on the vehicles
the price depeneds on the wood. The common wood price is one thousand gold coins. For one that is rare wood is one hundred and seventy gold coins.
It is thirteen feet
They are five feet with the wheels
the speed is around ten miles per hour.

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