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Marriage in the vortex

In the vortex the way marriage works is parents from one family ask another family if there son or daughter could go out with their daughter or son. During the courtship the couple, spend time together. They talk they go boating or swim. Then after six months of courtship they either break off and separate or they get engaged. The ceremony takes place two months after the engagement. During the engagement period, the couple find an available water temple. Decided where they will live for the next year. They prepare a new home, which includes moving their things into a new home that they found together. The marriage ceremony is a hour long. The ceremony takes place in available water temples, which are in each town, city or capital. In the ceremony the engaged couple talk about each other and give each other vows. Next both parents talk about their children. Once this is done the wedding party and family and friends gather at the daughter's family home. There is food, music, games and fun this last for around an hour. Once the party is over the family and friends escort the couple to their new home. Most newlywed couples are not seen for at least a week. The longest time was a month before the parents grew concerned and checked on the couple. They were fine.


The reason that the marriage ceremony is held in the water temple is to protect and bring blessings to the marriage. The reason of the celebration at the woman's childhood home was to confuse evil as to where the new couple were going to live. Next as to why the family and friends escort the couple to their new home was started when there was a string of attacks on newlywed couples being attacked on their way to their new home on their wedding nights.

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