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Duergar and drow

Dwarves and elves like each other but deep under ground there are a group of eves and dwarves that hate each other they are duergar and drow. Drow are a group of elves that that live under ground and follow the goddess of spiders. They hate dwarves and say they are not with the elves. They really think that dwarves are bellow them. Duergar are evil dwarves that don't like dwarves at all and think elves are below them. They live underground were not even dwarves go to do work. They both live in the land of fire and ash and really hate each other and have been fighting each other for a long time. Neither are having the upper hand in the war and neither have more power then the other so they are equal even though neither like it. The govement is trying to not be in this situation at all. Drow and duergar are asking the government for help but they haven't reasponded at all. The bolth have killed of lots of each other's groups and cities because they bolth love making dynamite. They have even skied for some help from the duergar and drow from the land of beasts but they say there doing some revaluation.   Here is more about duergar.   They usually grow to three to four feet tall and they averagely weight is two hundred pounds to three hundred pounds. They are excellent fighting skills with up front weapons and love smashing anything. In the duergar culture the boys are more popular.   Here is more information adout drow.   Drow usually grow to six to seven feet tall and weigh around one hundred and fifty to two hundred and fifty pounds. Drow are excellent archers like elves. Drow woman are more popular than the men in the drow cutlure

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