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Black griffins

A animal that is every one thinks is bad luck is a black griffin. Every one thinks griffins are bad luck because they think they have a curse to make a the person that owns the black griffin starts turning evil and does bad things. The black griffins are black with a shimmering gray wings. There are three stages the first stage is the cat stage it is when it is born and is a kid. Two years later it goes to the second stage called the winged stage it is were it starts growin its wings and is a teen. Ten years later there is the third stage known as the adult stage were it has fully grown wingers and starts mating. They live in the land of beasts and the land of air because they can not take hot tempatures and can not swim.

Basic Information

Dietary Needs and Habits

They like eating rats, fish, rabbits, moles, tiny birds, berries and seeds. They live in forests, hills, zoos, and houses.

Biological Cycle

When they are born they are black kittens. Their eyes are open only hours after brith. They are in the kitten/cat stage for about two years where they grow to their full body size. Then during the next ten years their wings start to grow and developed. Once that ten years are up they are full grown adult and are ready to start matting. They mate for life.

Civilization and Culture


Even though griffons have been around since year one but the black griffons started on year one. The way black griffons were born was that a black cat that was a girl married a raven that was a boy. Then the had a six girls and six boys that became the black griffons.
Scientific Name
They are feline based and have a little bit of foul
Cats are the origin of griffons in general but they are in the cat family.
There average lifespan is around fifty years
Average Height
One and a half feet tall
Average Weight
One hundred pounds is there average weight
Average Length
Foot long not including tail

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