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Bake attack

The game that is really well known is bake attack were two teams of four players that consists one baker one weapons expert and two assistants. The goal of the game is to make two weapons in two hours and see witch team can break the giant gingerbread cookie .Humans and dragons mostly play this game it is a great game to test your skills. It is really fun to see and play. Some times the kings and queens get together to play the kings play one team and the queens play the others. The leading champion ship is nova she lives in the land of fire and ash. Sometimes there are prizes for the winner of the game. They even set up games at the carnivals. There is a game of bake attack that Fred puts up to have some relationships with other people. Rarely there is bad sports manship. The leading champion in the dragons league is bod. He lives in the land of beasts and is a shaphire dragon witch is really rare. The usually use colors for the teams like red and blue it is a winter sport so they bo it in the wintertime. There is a giant book that has all the records of this game it is guarded by three dragons and three humans.


It was invented when a dwarf was making bread and wouldn't brake so he made the game up from his head. His friends and family members liked playing the game so he showed the game to more people and more people it got more and more popular that it became worldwide. His name was dwan and he lived in the land of fire and ash


To have relationships with other people and to have fun.

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