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Bolivar Dynasty

The Bolivar dynasty is one steeped in history. Their pedigree rivals even the Sundow family, or the ancient Yehe clan on Yoadai. They are not a family of rulers, at least they didn't start off that way. The Bolivar are, first and foremost, warriors.    Back in the beginning of the Second Stellar Era, the Bolivar were nothing. Just a pioneer family on the edges of 2nd century Concordian space. At least, so the story goes. A single man, Piotr Bolivar, found himself at the forefront of the Ameselan invasion. Piotr lost everything in the invasion, and so joined the military. He should have died, they say, like most every other grunt, cosmonaut, or ensign. But he just kept surviving each and every engagement. Soon, he found himself leading a picket ship. Then a squadron. Then he was a captain. Soon, the man ruled his own carrier. When the secret of the Chord and interstellar travel was discovered and the Ameselans wiped from Concordia*, Piotr Bolivar's own Sword of Justice was the first through the gate. When the liberation of Huitzli* was complete, he claimed a modest parcel of land, and promised he would never return until the Ameselan scourge was wiped from the galaxy.   In reality, however, modern historians on Concordia believe Bolivar was actually fairly well off before the invasion, probably from a long-standing naval family. He likely used these connections to get a prestigious position in the Liberation navy. He oversaw the de-Ameselization of Huitzli, and prosecuted any Ameselan collaborators. He then oversaw naval operations for the rest of his life, jumping from the frontlines to his Huitzlian estates to the frontlines again. The man did not survive long past the liberation of Huitzli*, but the vast estates and honors he gathered would pass down his family.   Even today, the Bolivars are considered the most powerful family in Huitzli*. All this, despite today being less than 3% Huitzlian themselves.


The Bolivar Dynasty is, unsparingly, invested in private security. They provide everything from police forces to groundpounders to torpedo cruisers. Their range of products and services is wide, with hundreds of different subsidiary companies, each specializing in a different aspect of warfare and security.
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