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“Some are born with great power, others great purpose. Neither of those things matter in Kisane. Survival and conquest are the only things that are important to the six warrior clans of Kisane. The women of the Land of Storms give birth to lightning, tempests, cyclones, fires, earthquakes and blizzards and all of them only care about outlasting and defeating each other.” - The Land of Storms by Professor Jin Ra   Kisane is a land torn apart by warring clans who are constantly at each other’s throats. Each of these clans believes it’s their divine right to rule over the land by Ealdir and so each has taken up the mantle of a different facet of natural disaster.


The area is made up of temperate forests in mountains

Flora & Fauna

Kisane is home to many different humanoid species including Kitsune, Ainok, Genasi, Moonfolk, Oni, Orochi and Nekojin.

Natural Resources

Rice, Lumber, stone
Alternative Name(s)
The Land of Storms
Location under
Included Organizations

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