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Zook Bafflestone's Artificery for Humans

The book, Artificery for Humans, is meant to be a guide for the granting of basic artificery skill to a player or NPC. In order to receive proficiency, a player must spend 40 hours over one month's in-game time reading or studying the book. At the end of the month, if the forty hours have been completed, the player will gain proficiency in tinkering. If the player already possesses this proficiency then they will be granted expertise in tinkering.   This book may be passed around, sold, or otherwise transferred between players and NPCs and each will be able to benefit from the knowledge contained within.   In terms of reception, the book was well-received by the peoples of Bafflestone's day and was generally pointed to when considering comprehensive entry-level educational material focused on Artificery.   Over the years, the book itself became somewhat of a touchstone for the non-gnome races in attaining and surpassing the skills of gnome artificers. Some historians familiar with the work will point to this book as a turning point in the decline of Stone Industries' market share and prominence as a purveyor of fine artificery items.
One of the most overlooked innovations provide by Zook Bafflestone and his company, Stone Incorporated, is his seminal educational treatise Zook Bafflestone's Artificery for Humans. Considered a classic in the classroom well before its time, Artificery for Humans broke down the barriers of high-level artificer knowledge for the underprivileged and those of average or non-gnome intelligence. The book was one of the first educational publications to print step-by-step instructions along with detailed graphical representations of the problem as well as including a structured and curated lesson plan for new artificers.


The purpose of Zook Bafflestone's Artificery for Humans is to provide the groundwork for teaching non-Gnome races the skill of tinkering and artificery. The book itself is a work of hubris of the greatest degree, for while Bafflestone was a brilliant Gnome artificer, his prejudices would not allow him to consider anyone not of gnome descent capable of excelling in Artificery without his help.

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