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A Note on the Leshy, By Vermillion Spirit

An excerpt from the newest edition of "A Brief Description of All Sentient Races in the Arengold Forest, by Vermilion Spirit"
To describe the Leshy creature as a race would be an insult to the other sentient races in the Arengold Forest. The Leshy was created by a wish sometime in 2900 P.W.

This small creature could be called an aspect of Filli. However, such assertions make assumptions that Filli is directly connected to the Arengold Tree by anything more than a motherly relationship. These things are walking bushes. Nothing more, nothing less.

As expected from a race made by the Gods, they are still capable of speech, communication, and community building. However, despite no longer being a young race, they stay attached to their druids.

I have no other major notes. Their societies have been fully connected to others for so long that they essentially have no culture to speak of. A simple race that is designed like natural servants... They are as if the Elves got their initial wish with the Humans!

Basic Information


Leshies are almost entirely created from parts of the Arengold Tree. Their bodies are made of hardy wood, but their limbs and faces tend to be made from fruits, leaves, and other softer parts of trees. Their body parts are inedible, but they are capable of producing edible fruits from specific glands of their face and arms. This is a relatively rare trait.

Genetics and Reproduction

Leshies are grown by passionate druids who wish for a companion to affirm their connection to the Arengold Tree.

Growth Rate & Stages

Leshies summoned via wishes grow to adulthood within a month. Thankfully, they can live indefinitely with proper care. However, they tend to live as long as the druid who summoned them. This is not due to any sort of pact or life-force connection; it tends to be out of empathy and respect for the druid's wishes.

Grown leshies can last for about 10 years before they begin to rot.

Ecology and Habitats

Leshies tend to live among other races. Leshies that flee from society form basic communities in areas with high tree density, such as near The Lumbergobs. They are more comfortable around plant-life, and are capable of defending themselves with weapons and magic.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Leshies are able to photosynthesize, but are also able to eat other plant life, such as mushrooms and fruit.

Biological Cycle

Because most Leshies come from the wishes of Druids, many do not follow a basic structure. They feed off of the magic of their owner's ambition and help their owner. They do not need to hibernate thanks to their magical bodies, but they do tend to be unable to generate edible fruits during the winter months.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They are able to see through their "faces" where they were designated to have eyes. They are also able to sense the Arengold Tree's discomfort, and thus have a minor connection to the tree itself.
Conservation Status
Leshies are protected by Druids, natural warriors dedicated to the Arengold Tree. Many druids have a Leshy as a companion to show their dedication to the environment of the Tree. As such, they are under the protection of the servants of the Arengold Forest.

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