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"Rockwart in the cellar? No, don't get rid of it - that's good luck, that is!"
Rockwart: A phosphorescent moss with a great deal of folklore behind it, and a reputation as a potion-making staple. Rockwart is used to make the bases for most kinds of potion, and so is in great demand by alchemists. Luckily for them, it is not uncommon. It is found in great supply in dark, damp environments, and is easily recognisable from it's green/blue glow. It is used by common people as a cooking herb, as, apparently, it's juce lends a dish an earthy, roasted flavour. Probably due to it's innate magical properties, rockwart is subject to much folklore, it's presence thought to bring luck in many cultures.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Rockwart resembles a blue/green moss, with a spongy texture. On the main mass of the moss are tiny sacs of a kind of gel, with the appearance of dew droplets. Growing out from the main mass are slender and tiny stalks, carrying a small, waxy seed pod at the top. These stalks are usually only about an inch tall. These sacs and pods glow dimly in dar, humid conditions. The plant has a small but resilient root system, getting what it can from weathered rock on which the plant grows, but most of the nutrients comes from the minerals in the dew that is collected in the gel sacs.

Ecology and Habitats

Rockwart grows mainly in damp caves, and, as the name suggests, on rocks. As noted above, it grows in greater prevalence where there are magical goings on.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Being a plant, rockwart's sensory capabilities are extremely limited, however, rockwart does grow to better quality and in greater quantity in areas where magical creatures or influences preside, suggesting that it has some sort of innate affinity for magic detection.

Scientific Name
Verusuanus Petrosus

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