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Name given to the nomads who roam the southern dunes of Pharpech and are thought to be distantly related to the Kuhati although the difference in naming and religion makes this difficult to tell.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Yala, Gheana, m'Pafil, Kaliona

Masculine names

Golah, Ngatiy, Kolatan, Turen

Family names

Homadi, Rounare, Yualu, Hunacz


Average technological level

Sand speeders from trade with the eastern settlements such as Haldo City.

Common Dress code

Thick robes made of fabric sewn from various plants in their region.

Art & Architecture

Sewn rugs and tapestries used as decoration and material for making yurts.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

Newborns' heads are brought on the pilgrimage to the Sea of Sand and dipped in it.

Coming of Age Rites

Young men are expected to travel across the Sand Sea by themselves on vessels designed for traveling deep sand.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Bodies are wrapped and placed atop a sand dune. The deceased are said to have embarked on the Iil'Re (Greater Sand Path) and join or await their mate.

Historical figures

Mamoudi Fanure formed the Talahd council to represent their interests in dealing with other tribes and factions such as the Kuhati and Haldoans.


Beauty Ideals

Smooth sand is considered beautiful. If a Talahdi says ones skin is like the sand of the Sand sea, they are complimenting you on your looks.

Courtship Ideals

Talahdi wander in small groups and thus matchmaking is done through a sort of annual pilgrimage whereby several nomad groups gather in a location near the great sand lake and mingle. Those who travel on the great Sand Sea and encounter one another are said to have linked their Iil (Sand Paths). In other words, they are drawn to one another by some greater force.

Major organizations

Council of Talahd
Parent ethnicities
Related Locations

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