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Dimensional wasps

Prompt 18: A recently discovered, or rediscovered, species.   Dimensional wasps   These wasps are much larger than a regular wasp and strangely coloured, though in all other physical respects they appear the same as a traditional yellow jacket wasp. They were recently discovered in an area of the glacial mountains in the 250-kilometre area where the dimensional ripples occur, after several travellers were found dead, covered in large welts the size of a human fist and with signs of poisoning. The first sighting was 5 years ago in the central region of the glacial mountains, however, there have been numerous sightings since then all along the glacial mountains and some in the southern polar cap. It is suspected there may be appearances in the northern polar caps, but due to the war and occupation by the dark lord’s forces this is yet to be confirmed.   The wasps are approximately 30 cm in length and a wingspan of 60 cm at full extension. Like all wasps, they have large, bulbus, angry eyes on a small head that crests sharply to a point at the mouth, where sharp mandibles eagerly await their prey.   Their torso is slender and small, creating an odd depression between the head and the abdomen that accentuates the alien structure of the body and the odd angulation of its six long slender, serrated legs that end in two-pronged call like digits.   The torso abruptly transitions to an extremely slender waist and a gargantuan pulsating abdomen, seemingly defying the laws of nature, in its ability to support the mass of the large abdomen. The abdomen itself is an armoured heaving mass rising quickly from the waist to a large hump then tapering gradually to a fine point at the end where a slim and sinister looking stinger emerges, ridged as iron, but set in a muscular base that pulses and thrusts along with the angry motion of the abdomen, giving the impression of a threatening boxer standing ready to strike their opponent. The abdomen is covered in a sleek, strong armour like caprice, which layers over each proceeding plate to form a dynamic movable covering, like the joins of a suit of plate armour. This provides strong defense to the wasp’s largest target area whilst still giving it the dexterity to bend their abdomen completely under themselves to sting directly in front of their face.   The colouring of the wasp is unusual, whilst it is largely black in the under sides of its body, its markings on the tops side are a shimmering screen of rainbow colours evoking the image of a mother of pearl shell, with its scintillating and swirling patterns. This is seemingly to help it camouflage itself in the strange interdimensional rift from which they have emerged.   The wasp, like normal wasps, is aggressive when threatened, when feeding or when defending its territory. They move very quickly and are difficult to hit. The traveller who encounters one can be grateful that these wasps are solitary creatures and are rarely seen in groups except when nesting. However, they will be lucky to survive the encounter as the wasps are gaining a notoriety for attacking ruthlessly until their target stops moving. The best strategy to deal with these creatures is to back away slowly and quickly and find a path around them, or if unable to do this, drop to the ground and play dead until the lose interest and go away.

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