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Yagh'Hadi Slingers

In a battle the Slingers would cut swathes into enemy lines with their deadly explosions.



The Slingers of The Kindgom of Yagh'Hadi are infamous for using Red Tancyte crystals in their slings to cause devastation on the battlefield. The crystals would explode upon impact, causing great damage not just to the target but to anyone close by. These projectiles are also very effective against vehicles and would be fired from boats at the enemy to cause hull damage and sink their ships before they could come close enough attack the slingers.


The slingers do not have a fixed structure. A group of them would usually have one assigned leader but otherwise they would act independently from the larger army.


The slingers are trained once a month. As they do not encounter many battle situations they regularly run through drills and fake scenario's to keep their skills sharp. The slinger do receive some practical experience when dealing with rampaging ancient beasts, however.
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy


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