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The Kindgom of Yagh'Hadi

Deep within the dangerous jungles of the island of Magh'Thu, the Yagh'Hadi kingdom sits. It's people and history is shrouded in mystery as few people who sail for the island ever return.
  Aztec kingdom with dinosaurs.



The chieftain of the kingdom has supreme ruling power over all matters on the island. In most cases they will instead choose to leave the decisions to his subordinates. When this happens the chieftain still has the power to overrule any decisions made.   The chieftain is also assigned with dealing with all manner of disputes if there is no clear government official that can assist with arbitration.  

High Beastmaster

The High Beastmaster is in charge of overseeing all matters regarding the ancient beasts within Yagh'Hadi culture. This includes housing, feeding, training and everyday use. The Beastmaster has several clerks below him that assist with this, however, the responsibility ultimately falls on the High Beastmaster to ensure everything regarding ancient beasts are functioning correctly.  

Grand Spiritualist

The Yagh'Hadi do not worship any gods. After the turmoil of the Realm Wars the people of the island nation felt abandoned by their gods and left to fend for themselves. They do, however, revere nature and the land they live on. The Grand Spiritualist is assigned with ensuring that the people of the kingdom live in harmony with nature as much as possible.


Yagh'Hadi culture is that of harmony. They strive for harmony within the community, harmony with the plants, rivers and land around them and harmony with the ancient beasts that share the island with them.  

Harmony within the community

While the Yagh'Hadi have no love for any outsiders that enter their kingdom they do share an immense love for their fellow countrymen. Many of their core values are rooted in community and collaboration. There is no commerce within the kingdom. Instead everyone works to provide for the community. Food is managed by local overseers to ensure everyone received an equal amount. When someone accomplishes a great achievement everyone celebrates. They understand that without the assistance of the community the achievement would not have been possible.  

Harmony with nature

Living on an island has brought certain challenges to the Yagh'Hadi people. One of these is having a limited amount of space available. This also means a limited amount of resources. Because of these restrictions the people one the island take special care to ensure they do not disturb the natural balance. They only fish the minimum required. Only allocate the necessary amount of ground to farmland and only fell the least amount of trees needed for shelter.  

Harmony with the ancient beasts

The Yagh'Hadi people have long ago learned to live in harmony with the giant ancient beasts that roam the island. They have even domesticated a large amount of them and use them for daily tasks such as tilling the fields, moving large cargo or transport. The people know, however, that the ancient beasts are not their pets but instead that they live in a symbiotic relationship. The people give the beasts food and shelter while the beasts then provide the people with their strength.


The Yagh'Hadi have always been a mysterious people. Living mostly in seclusion on their island nation they do not interact with outsiders often. Because of this and the lack of official documentation many rumours exist about the origin of the kingdom and it's people.   It is said that the first settlers of the island on which the kingdom sits was trying to escape the horrors of the Realm Wars. No demon or fae had yet invaded that area of the world and therefore could prove a safe haven until the war was over.   Unfortunately for the first settlers they soon realized why this was the case. The island was full of ancient beasts. Scaly monstrosities of enormous size inhabited the island and the seas surrounding it. Their boats were destroyed before they even got to the shore.   Some of those initial settlers must have survived, however. A few hundred years later another expedition was made to the fabled island to learn more about it. When this ship made it to the coast they saw structures built on the island. When they went closer to inspect they were driven off by unseen foes in the jungle using primitive weapons.   It was a long time after the second expedition that a third was attempted. This time, when they got to the island, they were greeted by the local population. It seems that in the years since the first settlers a thriving kingdom was established on the island. They had managed to coexist with the dangerous native wildlife. This kingdom was called Yagh'Hadi.   While the new kingdom welcomed the guests they made it clear that they were not to stay long on the island. The native population had no interest in further interaction with the outside world. According to them they were self-sufficient and did not require trade with the mainland.   When the captain of the latest expedition reported this back to his superiors they became excited about the possibilities such a place could hold. They began to speculate that the island kingdom held untold riches and perhaps even mysterious new materials. They decided that follow-up missions to the island was needed and began planning immediately.   All further missions to the island ended in disaster for the invaders. The waters were still full of ancient creatures that would sink about half the ships sent out before they reached the other side of the ocean. When the ships did reach their destination they were met with the powerful defences of the island inhabitants as well as their domesticated beasts.   After many years of failed attempts the shipping companies agreed that the price was too high for whatever spoils the island could bring. They would instead settle to trade with the islanders for what they could offer. Unfortunately, after years of unprovoked attacks the islanders had come to utterly hate the peoples of the mainland. They rejected any offer of trade and after the envoys would not stop coming they resorted to more severe displays of rejection.
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