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The Drop


The Drop is an impossibly deep ravine that stretches for hundreds of miles. The area around it is entirely barren for a few miles, where not even magic can make plants grow. The stone itself is a mixture of different materials. The walls of the chasm can be seen to contain layers of different rocks.   Too wide for bridges to span, various ferry systems have been created. They use pulley systems to move goods between the two sides of the ravine. At odd locations along the cliff edges small towns have been erected around these ferries as they quickly turned into large areas of commerce.

Natural Resources

The rocky sides of the chasm has proven to be rich in minerals and gemstones, not to mention various useful building materials. As such large mining operations have been constructed near the ferry towns to allow for excavation. Some of these mining outposts would also employ a series of ropes with which the miners would repel down the sheer cliff sides and gather materials.


When the demons Hel originally broke into The Mortal Realm during the Realm Wars they tore a portal into the land that was miles long. From this portal their endless legions poured to wreak untold horrors onto the land of the Mortal Realm. After the portal had been closed by the Gods the remaining chasm that was left behind was named The Drop. The name comes from the seemingly endless abyss that now permanently scars the land. In more modern times the Drop now serves as a border between the The Kingdom of Gillborne and the Chanob Desert.
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