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Stone Barge

The floating stone barges of the Floating City of Hashmot are a common sight in the Chanob Desert and surrounding areas.   The ships are built by harvesting large stones from the desert below. These stones are infused with a cache of magical energy left over from the Realm Wars. Slave-wizards are then tasked with inscribing these stones with runes of levitation. The magic within the stones power these runes and allow the ships to float in the air.   It is not uncommon for older stones to slowly lose their magical energy. As new stones are very expensive to acquire, the captains of these older vessels often resort to using slave-wizards to imbue the stones with their own natural magical energy during flight.   The rest of the ship is usually built with a lightweight form of wood. The size of the ship is dependent on the size of the stones that keep it afloat. Larger stones allow for larger ships but are also much more expensive.   These ships are mainly used to ferry merchant goods between the different countries that border the Chanob desert. This allows the merchants to have their goods moved across the dangerous desert landscape with minimal risk.


The Stone Barge's are propelled forward with wind power. This wind could be either generated from the wizard on board the ship or from the surrounding area. This wind is captured in an assortment of sails that are attached to the ship at various strategic areas.   The usually include: two smaller sails on the side of the ship. A large mast with multiple sails in the center of the ship and a few smaller sails along the railing.

Weapons & Armament

A barge will not have any weapons directly attached to itself. Instead an assortment of guards and wizards contracted by the ships captain will maintain the peace onboard for the duration of the flight. If the barge should come under attack in the sky they are also contracted to fight the new foe.

Communication Tools & Systems

Each barge comes equipped with a mental link relay system. This allows the wizard on board the ship to telepathically reach out to their target over much longer distances than they usually would be able to.
Flying Ships of Hashmot
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