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Jasttor Bloodmaw

High Paladin Jasttor Ghelin Varshoth (a.k.a. Jas)

"That Vignaraltiui--'Ashwing' to you--was partially right. He turned to cruelty and evil because he felt forced to do so. Because people who have done things in the name of 'good' are forcing races deemed 'evil' to become self-fulfilling prophecies." Heshan's face became stern. "And you are becoming one of the latter."   Jasttor's face twisted in anger. "I have done no such thing," he growled defensively.   "But you have. The green one that came here--Crawler. I replaced her arm. I may have been asleep, but I do have partial awareness of my surroundings," Heshan explained. "I know not what circumstances you have been through, but you treated her unfairly. Utterly unbecoming of a paladin of our lord, and certainly shameful for one in the line of those claiming allegiance to the Platinum Cadre," he said, his voice never rising but cutting deep all the same. Jasttor seemed to shrink in on himself, face full of frustration and shame at being chastised. Heshan's voice grew gentler again. "You can change. See her and others in individual lights, channel your oaths properly and become something better," he told the dragonborn, who shook his head with frustration.   "I--you do not understand! They are responsible for so much misery, they have done nothing but cause death and ruin," Jasttor spat bitterly. "My sister is dead because of them. And I do not even know if my parents or the rest of my clan still live." He deflated at the last statement as Heshan looked on in understanding. "So many of us gone. Hunted down by those monsters."   "And my god was defeated right in front of me, my allies destroyed, and hundreds of thousands killed. All by those who followed the Queen of Chromatic Dragons," Heshan responds. "So many chromatics on her side. But also, just like Vignaraltiui, there were metallics that joined her for one reason or another. And on our side, chromatic dragons and dragonborn fighting to prove that we could all live in harmony and vanquish evil together. I understand it feels much easier to lay the blame all on one people. But it is irresponsible, and certainly unsuitable for someone like you."   Jasttor deflated completely, feeling defeated. "I do not know how to stop," he confessed. "I fear them, almost more than anything. What if she takes someone else away from me? What if Tally's trust of her leads to..." he stopped when his throat squeezed too tightly. He swallowed. "I cannot lose any of them. They are the best friends I have had since my sister died," he murmured quietly, no longer looking anywhere but at his two clasped hands. They were interlocked tightly to keep himself from trembling; he wished Tally were still here at his side as comfort.   "You should learn from them. They appear to be a good sort." Heshan reached out and touched Jasttor's shoulder. "As are you. But as a paladin, you are held to a higher standard. I cannot let you become a tyrant, claiming to do things in the name of our deity when it is not what he would want." He sighed. "For now, I want you to do a few things for me."   Jasttor straightened, looking heartened. "Yes. Anything."   "Find a way to track your family down again. You have a duty to them. Furthermore, I want you to forge an alliance between your clan and the green dragonborn, or at least a ceasefire. We could use both as allies to our cause."   The paladin across the table sputtered. "What?! You cannot be serious, how am I to--"   "Secondly," Heshan barreled on. "You are not to interfere with any training I do with your mate. She holds you in very high regard, and does not want to cause you any strife because she is getting special training apart from you."   "Will she be in any danger?"   "Only perhaps from the usual bruises and frustrations that difficult training brings. She will be safe with me," Heshan assured him. "Do you agree to this?"   Jasttor nodded slowly.


Contacts & Relations

In a romantic relationship with Elinoa "Tally" Taldel, a half-elf rogue who joined the Metalhearts and is part of the team who calls themselves the New Dawn.

Family Ties

Lilothibra Bloodmaw (sister, deceased), Jazitah Bloodmaw (mother), Zurattar Bloodmaw (father)

Religious Views

Paladin of Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon


Was raised speaking the Draconic language within his clan, and has a habit of speaking Common with no contractions and with a very slight Germanic/Russian that has lessened over the years.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
High Paladin
Year of Birth
4264 CE 21 Years old
Current Residence
Zhayeria Metalhearts Guild
Biological Sex
Has only had one relationship with a woman so for now identifies as heterosexual.
Gender Identity
Chartreuse, full-color eyes with draconic slits for pupils
None, but he has sleek black horns that sweep back and are partially covered by scales. He also has a green fin that gets larger at the nape of his neck before tapering between his shoulder blades.
Aligned Organization
The Metalhearts
Known Languages
Fluent in Common and Draconic. Starting to learn Elvish from Tally--he knows a few words here and there.

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