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Crawler looks up from the shirt she was mending. From the outer edge of fire light, Little coiled in her lap, she'd only been listening with half an ear. Conversation was still new. She was used to the evening animal sounds telling their simple stories of spotting predators, hiding from coming storms, and hunting, but people? Group discussions? That was an adjustment.   "I'm going with you," she says, bowl of untouched pasta balanced on one knee, "until I can find a better lead."

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Muscular with little body fat. Broad and hulking. A Beef, if you will.

Body Features

Dark green scales, soft tan scales going from her crotch, up her stomach/chest/ neck, and down in a V between shoulder blades. A short, transparent frill runs from the top of her head to the base of her spine, with two fins branching out along her shoulder blades to the top of her shoulders. Her left arm has a mark of golden scales from when Ashwing bit off her arm. Her right side (shoulder, chest, back) bears acid scars from the fight with the black dragon.

Facial Features

Square-shaped snout that's on the short side, with fang-like protrusions on her upper and lower jaw. An acid scar has left the right side of her face gnarled, with a prominent scar on her lip that leaves a patch of teeth exposed. Vertical spikes line her brows. Large fin-like ears that emote like a cat's. Two sets of horns: first set is ram horns; second set are two straight-back spikes.

Identifying Characteristics

Acid scars on right side, gold-scale scar on left arm.

Physical quirks

Doesn't typically wear shirts.

Special abilities

She doesn't think herself to have any great talent in magic, when in truth, her magic acts as a sort of radiation that has made her animal companion, Little, exceptionally intelligent and capable. She is only able to wield this magic for a short list of attack-based spells.

Specialized Equipment

Her bow, Blackrain, belonged to her father before her and has since been treated with black dragon fat, giving it acid damage. She has duel shortswords that were crafted from the copper dragon Ashwing's claws.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Crawler was born in the year 4259 on Pivon 22, the Spring Equinox. Her earliest memory is of her and Calaprax first encountering Little. She grew up thinking of the snake as her sister.   For the first fifteen years of her life, Crawler traveled with Calaprax and Little as a family. She learned to survive in the wilderness at a very young age and was most often isolated from civilization. They never stayed in one place too long, and outside relationships were limited. She can remember making a few friends in towns they spent longer periods in, she can even remember at least one failed relationship her father pursued, but for the most part, it was just her and her family.   Crawler's upbringing was kind and supportive. Despite their nature as outlanders, Calaprax's education of her wasn't just about survival--he kept her sharp in language, music, and morality as well. He often tried to build her talents in magic, but Crawler was always more adept with physical aspects. More than anything, he raised her with an openness about how much he loved her.   However, Calaprax forbade Crawler from referring to him as her father in public. This was one of very few sore subjects between them. He could never give Crawler specifics as to why, but offered the general explanation that she should always be wary of people who might use personal information--like family--against her. He also taught her to be discriminatory toward other dragonborn, especially greens like them.   When Crawler was fifteen, Calaprax disappeared with no notice, leaving her and Little to fend for themselves. For the next ten years, Crawler devoted herself to finding him. She followed any lead she could to no avail. The constant dead ends on top of the constant discrimination she faced without anyone to defend her slowly hardened her. Once humorous, affectionate, and happy, she instead became guarded and dark-tempered.   The New Dawn encountered her at two low points: first in a prison where she'd been wrongfully incarcerated due to prejudice; then again when a lead on Calaprax led her to yet another dead end. Both times, they surprised her by appealing to the soft side of her that she'd long since buried. She agreed to journey with them to the Metalhearts, thinking the guild might have information on Calaprax.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Defeated Cyanwrath in a duel, uuuuuuh she TECHNICALLY killed a black dragon but that was like 90% Medericus fuckery.

Failures & Embarrassments

Socially incompetent, often fails at intimidation checks despite being a 6'5" badass.

Mental Trauma

Her father disappearing with no notice has made it hard for her to put her trust in others, and her deepest fear is that she was in fact abandoned.   Nearly dying at the jaws of the black dragon gave her a previously unrealized fear of death.   Going through Chelar's dimension and having time and emotion warped so drastically has inflicted time distortion, insomnia, and intensified clinginess to her friends and family.

Intellectual Characteristics

Suspicious, observant, vigilant, sensitive, alternating between submissive and imposing depending on the situation

Morality & Philosophy

Lawful Neutral: She obeys the law of nature and is repulsed by anything that blatantly opposes it. She feels the need to complete tasks no matter the cost (hunts, missions, etc). She obeys whoever she is subservient to and considers them her "law" (her father, the guild leaders).

Personality Characteristics


Wants to find her father.   Recently has come to think of her teammates as her family, will now do anything to protect them.   Even RECENTLY-ER, wants to start a family with Medericus.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Plays a mean banjo. Is an awkward flirt.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Little; Calaprax; her friends; hunting; animals; kids; cribbage; music/singing; friendly competition; her muscles; b i t i n g   Dislikes: anything unnatural; leaving tasks unfinished; discrimination; appearing too scary; fancy situations; restrictive clothing; crowds

Virtues & Personality perks

Super loving under the suspicion; emotionally perceptive; has a natural inclination to be gentle with weaker things

Vices & Personality flaws

Distrustful; has internalized discrimination and turns it against her own kind; dependent on others for her happiness

Personality Quirks

Submits posture when nervous


Contacts & Relations

Best Friends (but family tho let's be real): Tally, Kitrick, Relentless, Medericus   Friends (on their way to family status): Integrity, Jasttor, Ilweth   Romantic....dude? Labels???: Medericus

Family Ties

Father: Calaprax Sister: Little   Additional family unknown

Social Aptitude

Completely withdrawn in unfamiliar situations. Submits posture so people won't view her as a threat and acts very uncomfortable in crowds or heavily populated areas. The discomfort usually comes off as coldness or prickliness.   When she's truly acting herself, she is quiet, gentle, and has a dry sense of humor. She also has a strong vein of rage inside her that usually only comes out in battle, or if she's coming to the defense of people she loves.

Hobbies & Pets

Little is her animal companion. They've grown up together and Crawler 100% thinks of her as a sister.   Plays banjo. Likes to hunt. Lately is getting into Medericus's style of music.


Not great with words, often stuttering or saying things awkwardly when in relaxed situations. Makes dumb jokes. Speech becomes furious and clipped when in battle.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Olivine Archer
Year of Birth
4259 CE 26 Years old
Current Residence
Biological Sex
she just likes 'em BIG
Gender Identity
Bright yellow
Two sets of horns, lots of frills that flare up like a dilophosaur
Quotes & Catchphrases
"It's dragons like you that make the world see me as a poison!" *POISON BREATH HAAAAA*   "You should've run when you had the chance, bitch."
Aligned Organization
The Metalhearts
Known Languages
Common, Draconic, can speak with animals and understand natural body language

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