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Foods of Terrath: Tokiwa Salad

The Tokiwa Salad was originally eaten in Shiban for the Festival of Light, and was seen as a holy dish, sacred to the goddess of light, Hatayu. Eventually, Aethan traders discovered the popular dish and started spreading it across Terrath. It has since spread to other places and is eaten all year long by everyone. The dish has since lost most of its reverence, but most Shibanese still give special prayer to Hatayu before indulging themselves.   The Aethans most often modify the salad with very similar ingredients that are native to Aetha in order to save money. There is no special drink that goes with the Tokiwa Salad, but watermelon juice and lemonade are very popular options. It is typically served at room temperature in a small bowl. The meal can be a group one or a solitary one.   Tokiwa Salad is sweet and sometimes slightly tart, but all around delicious.

Manufacturing process

Step 1: cut all fat off of chicken and/or pork   Step 2: chop it into cubes and cook it over a fire until well done   Step 3: while meat is cooking, finely chop lettuce and put it into a bowl with chopped berries (and fruit if available)   Step 4: put cooked meat into the salad and mix throughly
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Tokiwa is extremly popular in Shiban and western Aetha. Everyone eats it there, from the rich to the poor, as the ingredients are very common and very cheap there. In most of Renzinbar and Roskovan, it is not popular because the ingredients are rare and very expensive.
Raw materials & Components
  • 1 head of Tsunaki lettuce OR 1 head of Aethan purple lettuce
  • 2 handfuls of chopped up berries (any berries work, but Tsunaki berries (a berry native to Shiban that is like Chinese Bayberries) are recommended)
  • A package of pork or chicken breast (can use both)
  • (optional) A half hand full of chopped watermelon

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    16 Oct, 2018 15:00

    A simple, yet satisfying dish! Is this a seasonal food or eaten all year round?

    Creator of the dark fantasy world of Melior
    I also make worldbuilding resources!
    Orion Jae
    19 Oct, 2018 01:42

    In places that stay warm all year long, it is eaten all year long. In the northern areas and in Aetha that have very cold winters and (sometimes) autumns, it is only eaten in the spring and summer.