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Grey Stone

A mysterious material with the texture and feel of a smooth stone. This is a misleading observation as it is more durable than one would expect. Due to it's composition, it is extremely difficult to work with as a crafting component, however there are rare examples of its use in powerful relics. It is also a rare component as it is impossible to find on the prime material plane. Few know that it originates from Ashfall, a dead realm of barren shadows.


Material Characteristics

Polished, unmarked, grey stone.

Physical & Chemical Properties

It always feels cool to the touch.


It is a highly sought after alchemical material, as it has properties that do not match its simple appearance. Many believe it is a component of the Philosopher's Stone, but this is founded only on supposition. It also has been observed being used as a base for magical enchantments, and has a few magical properties of its own.

Geology & Geography

It can only be found naturally in the plane of Ashfall, the manner of its Creation a mystery to all but a rare few.

Origin & Source

The origin of grey stone remains a secret to all but a few

Life & Expiration

Few magical artifacts have been crafted from this material and even fewer remain in the hands of their original owner. Many have been lost to the ages. There is however, one recorded case of an idol to a fiend being destroyed by an order of paladins, who spent a month performing a ritual of cleansing on the object. The name of the order has been lost to time as each member disappeared or was found dead, mutilated by a powerful entity.

History & Usage


A couple of legendary artifacts are thought to have been crafted with this material. It is said that the last king of Black Iron was assassinated by an arrow headed with stone. A murderous cult was once encountered by a group of adventurers. They reported that the cult leader, through her ramblings, spoke of having visions of fields of stone. Among the cultists' possessions was a small idol to an unidentified entity. The idol was lost before it could be destroyed.


Trade & Market

The material is so rare that even black markets have a hard time acquiring samples of it. Many in such professions have not even heard of it.
10'000 gold per pound
Worked grey stone smells faintly of burned earth.
Slightly metallic
Dull Grey
Boiling / Condensation Point
Melting / Freezing Point
Common State
It has only ever been observed as a solid.

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