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Wild Mind

Wild Mind is usually contracted by wizards that try to cast spells in battlefields of the celestial war. It causes their arcane abilities to fluctuate at random times. It is essentially wild magic, the only difference being that it happens at random times, not only when they cast spells. It also tends to confuse them, therefore ruining their spellcasting ability, making them fumble more and more spells, until it eventually kills them by some random magic outburst or by them absolutely failing to cast a spell.

Transmission & Vectors

Through (mainly arcane) magic usage near them


Casting a spell in a contaminated area.


Random magical outbursts that get worse the longer the disease goes on, slight to absolute confusion.


It is usually treated by divine healing magic. Apparently natural magic is supposed to heal it as well, but it seems to be much harder to do so.


It is usually first observed by some minor magic outburst, like stones or small object starting to float. Sometimes even a little fire, which can be extremely dangerous in the wrong situation. It then slowly confuses the infected, first only while trying to cast spells, later on at almost any time. This confusion can take many shapes from forgetfulness to paranoia.

Affected Groups



By not casting spells in contaminated areas. Rumour are that there exist charms somewhere in the world that protect one from this ailment.


Luckily the disease doesn't really spread through population, let alone because sorcerers are rare. Even if there are multiple sorcerers infected, they can usually be found and cured.


The first recorded case was about 50 years after the Celestial War. Thanks to the knowledge retained from the arcane plague, a treatment was found fast.

Cultural Reception

People are mostly scared of sorcerers that contract the disease, fearing their random outbursts.
Extremely Rare

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