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Thanium is a cyan coloured metal found deep in the ground. It is highly sought after for its easy enchantability.


Material Characteristics

Thanium is a cyan coloured, sometimes more light-greenish, metal.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Thanium doesn't seem to melt at any temperature. Even when thrown into magma it hasn't been affected. The only known way to melt it is a constant stream of arcane or natural magical energy concentrated on the metal. This allows one to shape it and to forge tools with it. It is slightly heavier than other metals like iron. It is highly enchantable, however it is possible to overenchant it, which causes the enchanted tool to simply melt into a pool on the ground.

Geology & Geography

It is usually found in mines that are deep in the Underdark.

History & Usage


While still relevant today, Thanium was most sought after in the Age of Thaumaturgy. Since magic was common, and with enchanting still in its infancy, everyone wanted at least a small ingot to experiment. Prices were exorbitant, staying up until the arcane plague. Many weapons that are now considered artifacts were forged in that time, using absolutely pure Thanium to enchant them.

Everyday use

The most common use of Thanium is the creation of enchanted weapons and seldom even armour, but armour needs it in fairly huge quantities. Any armour is probably not affordable for anyone but the richest people on the planet. Charms are also common, since they don't need too much of the metal, but can still be enchanted to great effect.


If it is overenchanted to the points where it melts, further feeding of arcane magic may cause it to unleash all energy at one, creating a huge explosion. It is rumored to create a null-magic-zone, though there is no evidence supporting that.

Reusability & Recycling

Since you only need to bomb it with magic, Thanium is highly reforgable. Finding an armour set might enable you to find an enchanter who could create multiple weapons or charms out of it. It will cost a lot, but since any enchanter would be happy to work with that quantity of Thanium, it is likely that he will do it cheaper than one would expect.


Trade & Market

Only Dwarven mines are deep enough to find any more Thanium. That aside, artifacts of the celestial wars can be found throughout the world, and may be made with Thanium.
Incredibly valuable
Extremly rare, almost unique
Cyan to light green
Common State

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