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While incredibly hard and dangerous to harvest, Spidersilk is an incredible material. It is soft to the touch, but common arrows can't even penetrate it. Some people tried to create giant spider farms, but this ended in disaster every single time, sometimes with whole villages being destroyed by the spiders.


Material Characteristics

Spidersilk looks like simple white linen, indistinguishable from other simpler materials by any method but touch.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Spidersilk is probably the softest material you will ever touch, should you manage to ever get your hands on a piece.

Origin & Source

Spidersilk is made from the webs of giant spiders.

History & Usage


After its discovery, spidersilk was mainly used by the aristocracy of various countries. They loved the softness to the touch, while still feeling protected from harm. A King's clothes are usually made from spidersilk, as they can usually afford it.


Spidersilk was discovered by a simple seamstress in Cerulen after she was rescued from a spider lair. She accidentally took a part of the cocoon she was trapped in with her. Sensing an opportunity, she refined it into Silk.


Threads need to be extracted from a spiders web or cocoon.

Manufacturing & Products

Textiles, usually clothes. Sometimes carpets are made too.


The webs are incredibly sticky, making them very hard to work with. There are tales of seamsters that managed to rip off their fingers while trying to get rid of the web. Special solutions were created to solve this problem.

Environmental Impact

Usually giant spiders have to be killed to get to their webs and cocoons. While this means killing wildlife, nobody is sad about it, since these spiders tend to hunt humans.


Trade & Market

There are specialized hunters that hunt giant spiders, specialized in taking them out and harvesting their cocoons and webs from their bodies and lair.


Usually in containers that can contain the webs without them sticking to it.

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