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Enchanter Villa

The enchanter Villa is the seat of Breaföll's enchanters guild. It is here that the new enchanters, trained in the arcane academy, exhibit their latest work and with that their last exam. The heads of the guild grade every item one after the other. Afterwards, following the graduation ceremony, any enchanter who wishes to stay in Breaföll will officially be welcomed into the enchanters guild.

Purpose / Function

The villa acts as a central hub for all enchanters, allowing them to exchange information, trade items and more. Each Wednesday there is a meeting every enchanter can attend. Important matters are discussed, complaints are taken and wishes are written down, to be further discussed by the guild's heads. It also offers some living space to enchanters passing through.


Many enchanters pass through often, but should you with to speak with one of the guild's heads, your best bet would be looking for them in here.

Contents & Furnishings

A teleportation circle is available here.


All diferent kinds of enchanted items.

Hazards & Traps

Many enchantments were put on the house to protect themselves from thieves, magical and non-magical alike.


During the Age of Thaumaturgy, this Villa was the house of the principal of the arcane academy. The once huge garden has now been turned into a hall, creating enough space for the guild to use it as their hub.


As every building in Breaföll, this villa too is built primarily with stone.


During the Age of Thaumaturgy, it was used as a simple Villa. After the arcane plague hit Breaföll, it remained deserted until the enchanters guild claimed it. By that time it was completely robbed.

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