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Elven Airships

Airships are literally just ships upgraded with Floating Crystals. During the banishment of the High Elves, they put some of the bigger crystals in ships, creating makeshift transportation vehicles. They are currently still in use, but the Elves are trying to develop vehicles that are better suited for travel in the air. One advantage to mention is the fact that they could in theory land in water and continue to travel. This is important, since most crystals in the ships aren't really stable yet, but more of a prototype. Most stable crystals were used in the floating cities.

Power Generation

The magical power is infused in the Floating Crystals.


Mainly by the use of floating crystals, but the Elves realized fairly fast, that the sails of the ships significantly increase the ships speed it it blows in the right direction. The turning speed of these ships is abysmal, as there is usually only one crystal on board. A possible solution would be additional crystal, used for propulsion, turning as well as sinking and rising. This would probably require 3-4 crystals per ship, which seems impossible at the moment.

Weapons & Armament

Ballistae, catapults

Armor and defense

Depends on the ship, usually standard wood hull. Since the floating crystals only have a weight limit, it would be possible to build airships from metal, however that would require mass manufacturing of Floating Crystals, which is no yet feasible. They also tried to protect the room with the crystal, since any damage to it may cause the whole ship to fall.
Very Rare
Complement / Crew
Variable, but need at least 1 sorcerer to change the crystals direction.

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