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Written by BloodAndLeaves

Vandisal became a great day of celebration because it marked the end of Vander's tyrannical and bloodthirsty rule. The wolves had emerged victorious depite the casualties they suffered. In thanksgiving, the oppressed species gave the wolves many gifts which started the tradition of gift giving. The wolves responded by giving the species protection and land from the fallen vampires. When Coriner brought down the curse of the Moon onto his kind, the species who the wolves guarded would leave out sacrificed livestock and the recently deceased in order to satisfy the hungry moon-crazed wolves. This added another tradition to Vandisal.

On this day, many species who were affected by Vander's rule gather with their families and have a feast with goat as the main and important dish. The host always roasts the goat over an open fire while the family prepares different dishes depending on their species. After the food is devoured, they leave the uneaten food out on a small table for the birds and other animals to feast on. Sometimes, the little ones will stay up during the night with hopes of seeing a werewolf take from their "offering" like their ancestors did on full moons. If a young one saw a werewolf, they would open their window and howl. The wolves always returned the call. Because of this, werewolves sometimes wondered the sleeping villages on Vandisal to make the little heart of a child fill up with joy.

While Vandisal is a wonderful celebration in the colorful months of fall, vampires despise it and hold a day of fasting, instead. Young vampires are taught the history of the day in a much more solemn and dark perspective. They view the day of feasting as a day of mourning for their fallen king and kingdom.
Other species take the day off from their jobs or farming in order to prepare for the feast with their families. Vampires work twice as hard in order to inflict more pain and weariness upon themselves as they mourn. Without food, vampires made the day a scourge while everyone else celebrates.
As a greeting, they say, "Down went Vander!" instead of a Merry Christmas or Happy Thanksgiving, as we would say.

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