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The Murkmen of the Avangard Central District at the heart of the city/state of Avangard are a rare breed of individuals. Most are the men and women of the guard or militia that have gotten too old to be actively deployed to service while still needing a solid income. It provides a way to still be useful to the city and still use the credentials they have built up over their careers.  


The moat of murky water, the Murkwater, around the bubble in the Central District is a cesspool of disease and rot due to one main issue, birds flying into the bubble's outer magical barrier and killing themselves with the force. These birds drop down into the moat and languish there if not properly attended to. Every third day these Murkmen row out into the moat utilizing nets, hooked spears, and other instruments to gather the fallen birds to dispose of them. The Murkmen go through a decent screening process as they get physically close to the outer magical barrier of the bubble, which is deemed essential to the security of Avangard. They are given privileged rights and are offered housing within the Fringe Precinct just inside the old cities outer walls.  

Dangers of the Job

The main danger of the job is the diseases that they may contract dealing with the deceased animals or even exposure to the water that is intentionally left stagnant and tainted. This is offset by their direct access to healthcare that they may not otherwise have through the contracts they have with the city. The occasional other danger is other tamed animals that are set lose into the water, some reports of giant crayfish and crocodiles attacks have been made over the years. After an attack their are druids brought in form the Golden district to help relocate the animals out of the Murkwater.

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Master Moondare
Laure Yates
2 Jan, 2022 00:02

I really liked your article: the mix between an inoffensive, common sort of job and the magic of the world is brilliant. Got me thinking about what kind of jobs my world would have that would be slightly different from our norm because of the magic present in it. Excellent!

3 Jan, 2022 01:31

Thank you so much! It came out as I was thinking about one of the driving factors in my world, specifically that Avangard holds the entrance to the Endless Dungeon which is the only way to get magical crystals to enchant magical items.

2 Jan, 2022 16:39

What an interesting profession! I really like how this low key job is usually performed by people who belonged to the guard or the militia. Not only because they are getting too old for their job, but also because of the security requirements.   Plenty of potential hooks and issues that could run around the murkmen, the critters that they collect, and the bubble...   Talking about the bubble, I wish there was an article with an excerpt to explain exactly what's up with the Central District & the protective bubble. I feel like there's a ton of backstory there that I am missing.

3 Jan, 2022 01:29

It is definitely planned to get more in depth and have its own article or be a bit more in depth on the Central Avangard district article.

Organization | Jan 3, 2022
has a chunk about that if you want to read into it, some of which may just move over to the Central District article but not sure.   It is hard to determine where the line is on what can be shared publicly because my players across several different campaigns have yet to learn some specifics about it.   Thank you for the comment!