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The Night Keep

On a distant dune in the The Sanguine Wastes, a weathered dark keep stands, looming above the horizon. It is said the Keleckurs ruined keep only appears at night, and no one has ever seen it in the light of day.
  The night keep is a large black stone keep that has the ability to move between the material plane and its own pocket dimension. It is bound to the sanguine wastes, and may only appear in the material plane at night. Each dusk and each dawn the keep transfers between the two realms, appearing randomly in the desert unless its Anchor Stone has been placed somewhere in the wastes.

Purpose / Function

This now ruined keep was once one of the many memorial tombs of Yergevor I'grethis. Built by his acolytes to commemorate his spirit on his passing, and act as a monastery for that branch of his cult. It was constructed partly with a magical spell that allowed it to transport into a pocket dimension in the ether during the day, in order to be harder to localize.


With the cult long dead, many others have made their homes in it over the years. Most recently, Kelleckur Hallwinter (NFP) made his home here, and has redecorated parts of the keep.


Entrance Hallway

A long stone coridorr leads in to the keep proper from the enterance. The corridor branches out to the left and right, where two stone statues of devout cultists stand guard. The main door leads in to the burial chamber, while the door to the left leads to the guest rooms and the one to the far right leads to Kelleckurs Workroom.

Guest Room

This sparesly decorated room contains five beds lined against the western wall, a small kitchen bench with some rotting fruits and some boxes filled with rotting grain. A door leads further north guarded by another statue. The statue will try to stop anyone who tries to pass through the locked door, animating and attacking if the person is to persistent.


A note lies on the kitchen table, pinched in place by a rusted butchers knife. It reads:
Do not open it. Don't do it. Do not open it. Please. He watches. He HEARS. HE KNOWS EVERYTHING..

Ritual Room

This room is covered in blood. Along the walls iron cages are stacked, containing human corpses in various states of decay. In the center of the room a large rune circle is drawn in blood, and dozens more corpses litter the floor around it. This room was once the storage room when the keep was still inhabited by the cultists, but Kelleckur has since made it into his ritual room. He uses the iron sarcophagus inside the room to trap the souls of foolish adventurers, so that he may use their life-essence in his spells.

Iron Sarcophagus

An iron sarcophagus is bolted to the floor at the far end of the room. Iron chains encircle it tightly. It moves and shakes occasionally, but does not contain anything material. Instead, if opened it will release the souls trapped there and animate the corpses in the cages.

Memorial Chamber

Large stone pillars run up the length of this room, which can be accessed from the two doors on the west and east sides, and the main door from the foyer. Up against the north wall, a sarcophagus chiseled with the figure of Yergevor I'grethis stands, guarded on both sides by statues of his most trusted lieutenants. The sarcophagus is marked by strange circular geometrical patterns.
A trail of blood runs from this chamber into Kelleckurs work room on the east side.

Kelleckurs Workroom

This room contains many desks and operating tables, as well as some bookshelves.
Notable books:Behold me tighter vol.7, On bargaining with demons, How to get people to like you, Necromancy for beginners. There is also a note that reads: Ooh, he is truly magnificent. Beautiful and all encompassing. Oh oh oh. Oh So lovely.

Keleckurs Bedchamber

There is a bed, a bathtub, another book case and a chest as well as a desk riddled with more notes on various spells. Keleckurs Diary is also here. It is opened on a page that reads: Mother, i have something to tell you. I have met someone, finally. Somebody who appreaciates me and enjoys me for who i am. He says he can help me become more likable, but first i have to help him escape. I have to connect the lorbdarts and find his old backpack or something. I don't know. He is very nice to talk to. Miss you mother.

The Sundial Tower

This small room sits on top of the bedchamber at the very top of the tower and can only be accessed by a secret passage hidden behind the bathtub. It is a round room with windows along the walls that overlook the keep and its surroundings. A sundial is etched in along the walls under the windows, that shows the passing of the sun and moon, and is marked at each dusk and dawn. In the center of the rooms ceiling, the bottom of a large azure crystal protrudes marked with a rune that means "Light" at its bottom. Using this, an individual knowledgeable in the arcane arts can control a beam of light used to scout the surroundings of the tower.


Ornate door

In the bottom of the stairwell that leads into the keeps tower, there is an ancient and well hidden door. It is decorated with a large closed eye surrounded by geometrical patterns and markings, and two runes sit on each of its side. When the runes are activated by a magic user using a spell, a small compartment is revealed at the bottom of the door containing a very sharp and ornate glass spindle in the form of a spiral. In order to unlock the door, an individual must offer it's blood using the glass spindle causing the door to open.

Crystal Shard

The secret passage leads in to a large cavern where the walls are lined with statues that seem to hold the weight of the room. They depict various cultists in robes, bent over with their hands above them holding up the ceiling. In the far end at the center of the room an enormous pink crystal sits embedded in to the rock. I casts a dim purple light across the room, causing the shadows to dance across the walls and the air around it is thick with energy. This crystal is what allows the keep to move between the planes, and is the source that generates the keeps pocket dimension.

Alternative Names
Kelleckurs Keep
Parent Location
The Sanguine Wastes
Kelleckur Hallwinter (NFP)

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