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The Lightless

Life unfathomable in the Fathoms

Deep below ocean's surface, far in the depths where light cannot reach there dwell creatures horrific in appearance. These creatures are the subject of many myths but due to them being so far out of reach for your ordinary man, sailors, and even not recognised as something that could actually exist by others, they are left at peace in their empty voids. What an average dweller of the surface world of Taurua knows ends here.


The popular myth of "Seadevils", of devil-like creatures lurking beneath waters surface has originated largely from the superstitious pirates and sailors of Rottendam. As a condemning proof of the "Seadevils" existance a largely viewed proof if the peculiar, particularly thick skull found from the shore. The physical structure of the Lightless is to accommodate them to the immense preasure and the lightless depth that they inhabit. Contrary to the name given to them by the surface-dweller, their scale-like skin is able to form luminiscent surfaces to light their surroundings.
This sight, as it is beautiful, is most likely used either for guiding purposes or to hunt and to lure prey closer to them. Nothing is known about the cultural habits of the Lightless, and therefore they remain a myth to the rest of the world...

World of Monsters

Nearly alien-like, abyssal beings dwell in the same space with the Lightless. The size and shape of these creatures varies, with some of them being small and reminiscent of monstrous, maggot-inhabited skulls while others are large like mountains and ever-still. Some void-dwellers are known to have a great interest in the surface world, with even reaching their tendrils of strange power high towards different civilizations to learn more of them. How these Lightless interact with these other monstrosities is in the end unknown, but their ability to produce light that lures prey towards them leads to believe that the Lightless prefer to work alone.
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World of Oaths and Vows

The strange world of the Lightless is filled with surprising elements similar to tales of knights slaying fiersome dragons and rescuing helpless civilians. With their own Matriarchy, most of the Lightless bow to a set of Queens, baronesses and house matrons with their house captains and most fiersome slayers being female too. While the Lightless culture is traditionally a Matriarchy, males of the species have nearly equally important tasks as well and they are at a liberty of choosing whatever they want of their life. Typically males are appointed the incredibly important role of guarding the eggs of future Lightless' and to nurture for the young.
Of course, considering how dragons and knights are translated to the lightless depth of the sea would lead to the dragons being gargantuan octopuses, krakens and sting rays. Whereas knights often are depicted wielding heavy metals and pieces of armor, the Lightless prefer an agile approach where they can utilize their swimming capabilities and water as a surrounding. On the incredibly rare occasions these knights have been seen on the surface they are easily mistaken ass gladiators for the gear they are wearing.

Lightless Hunter by Hiisikuningas (me)

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