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The Lavish Sea

Glittering beauty as far as the eye can see...

"It is said, that all the colors in the world can be found from the Lavish Sea. From the bitter green of the Roaringburn Current to the ominous fiery glow surrounding Coreflame Isles, the sea has garnered itself a near mythological standing from the residents of the surrounding islands. Many battles are waged and wars are fought over and below the waters surface and the Lavish Sea hides as many treasures, as secret horrors from those foolish or ambitious enough to search for them." - Seas and Waterlife IX: Southern Seas by Dresani Virtude.
  Where the Cauldron of Creation is inherently known to mankind as the birthplace of modern culture after the violent destruction of the Yuan-Ti Empire, the Lavish Sea is often considered the first crucial challenge of the free man. For its terrifying waters and rocking storms inherently made it difficult for humans, not used to seafaring, to reach other lands than Phorex Isles. However, soon after discovering the incredible force of the Roaringburn Current keelboats turned into galleys and singular tradesboats into protected fleets. And protection would indeed be needed, for as soon as other islands started to receive inhabitation the infighting started.  


    As soon as humans, under the banners of cooperation discovered new lands, shores and teeming jungles with their own inhabitants, violence broke out. Not only after outsiders living on their own shores like the cat-like tabaxi inhabiting the Feline's Claw, but as well towards other vessels who strode in unrecognised banners. Instead of a focused civilization on a single island, mankind scattered. Unable to hold onto the same iron reign as their former masters, the yuan-ti, men started manufacturing weapons and building walls to protect their small settlements. At this point in time, the waters were an unwelcoming place.
Inhabiting Species

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1 Jul, 2022 20:18

This place looks like a great start for the Summer Camp prompts and lots to build off of! :D

Creator of Araea, Megacorpolis, and many others.
Sage nnie
Annie Stein
1 Jul, 2022 20:49

So many great location names in this article! Coreflame and Bloodwaters are my favourites

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Juan Belío
1 Jul, 2022 21:22

Good on the seeds of conflict sown all across the article! It's a very interesting thing that a place so beautiful is also so connected to violence and death.

9 Aug, 2022 20:40

I really like the sense of both history and conflict that you get from this place.