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Sister Island

An island often forgotten

Sister island is often referred to as just that - Sister island to Phorex island. A smaller island, yet as exotic and full of life as Phorex is. The question on why Sister Island is not inhabited is often brought up by tourists of Kir Vallen and the reply is simple: Because it already is.


Sister island is a relatively small island, consisting of a few larger hills and of one snub-topped mountain. Life here is as vivid as it is in Monarch Jungles and some sections of the jungle are reported to be even more dense than in Phorex Island.


Just as Monarch Jungles, life varies in large decrees and the island is filled to the brim with both carnivores and herbivores. However, among these inhabitants lie cold beasts mostly focused around the simple task of maintaining their own lives and fighting for the dominance of the small island with its beasts. The Lizardmen of Sister Island are regarded in Kir Vallen as beasts of horror stories, who often have left one or two scholars, explorers or daring tourists alive of their expeditions, and even they are often missing one or two limbs as they return back home.

Localized Phenomena

The snub-nosed, about three thousand feet mountain of Sister Island has been suspected of being a volcano, or a site of strong volcanic activity. Any proof of this is yet to be collected, as there have been no sightings of smoke rising from the mountain or any remarkable seismic activity in the area in recorded history.
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