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Horned Bastards

Jesters and Fiends abound

  A fairly new crime syndicate in Kir Vallen is rustling multiple nerves at once. After choosing their main outfit and go-to insignia being devilish horns, many have pondered if the choice reflects in further than only worn regalia.


Even in a gang as mismatched and poorly composed as the Horned Bastards, there lies a leader and his lieutenants.  

The Bastard

Only known by his assumed moniker, there are variety of rumors switching from the Bastard being a wild cannibal from Monarch Jungles all the way to him truly being a hidden agent of the wood elves. Few and selected people have ever met the Bastard and if they've had the intention to share their sightings or experiences to anyone - They have not lived long enough to accomplish their goals.  


A rare bulk, often forgotten by the commoners. As a crime syndicate, the Horned Bastards do not merely gather all of the lost causes of the street beneath their wings. The syndicate has a goal and any goal worthwhile requires investment - gold. As such, the Horned Bastards offer their protection to those that peek their interest in wide businesses of Kir Vallen.


Known mainly for the rough-looking iron cudgels they are carrying, these gangleaders have power over the rest of their lot. Most commonly spotted on streets, surrounded by lower status thugs. Clubbers are often sent to people to serve a reminder, to sabotage a business or to offer a public reminder of the Bastard still being out and loose on the streets of Kir Vallen


"Better a law me meself can understan' than one actin' against me!" - Morsel, an interrogated Horned Bastard member.
As a rising influence in Kir Vallen, the Horned Bastards have just come out of their hiding by daring to hold their public imagery up with variety of horns as part of their "uniforms". The syndicate is still to act in one way or another for the citizens of Kir Vallen to determine what their true goals are. However, with their growing numbers, many suggest that their members find their ideals in freedom and family. Serving something more understandable and easier to comprehend than a highly Empress or a deity that is bound by ideals.
Illicit, Syndicate
Alternative Names
Bastard's Crew
Notable Members

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