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The Murky Squid

A tavern in a middle class ward of Silverkeep. Rooms cost 6sp a day. Ale is 5cp per mug and is very high quality. Food ranges from 2cp to 1sp. It is of medium quality. The owner of the tavern is Mera Falir, a female human who is not very intelligent but very dexterous. Patrons include a short stout human named Luran. He seems to hate halflings due to them being better than him at farming and always jubilant. Loopmotin is a female gnome who never seems to drink but is always playing cards in the corner with whoever wants to play. She is very eccentric.


An upper floor has been added. It is very obvious that it was created at a different time.


The lower half is dimly lit and made of stone, the upper half has many small windows and is made of stone with timber beams on the front..

Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location

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