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Capital of the Agosto Empire.


Mostly humans but a few halflings who work the land, dwarfs and gnomes. The city has a large spread of wealth from the derelict buildings and daily murders in the sword district to the noble district complete with lavish buildings with the occasional gold leafed wooden beams. The two polar oposites of wealth are filled in the middle by other districts where mist of the non-human races live. The sword and noble districts are almost completely filled with humans. Halflings do most of the agriculture work while other professions are carried out between the other races.


Capital of the Agosto Empire


Peace is kept by the Oathsworn of whom about 300 are on patrol at any one time. They are concentrated in the noble and sword districts. Outer walls are patrolled by the town watch. Once you are a registered member of the city you are entered into the ballot to become one each month. If you are selected you are employed for a month.


Running through the city is a large river straddled by three bridges all heading towards the market square, an extremely large plaza that is always filled with busy locals buying and selling. Around the plaza is a multitude of temples. At the other end of the city, atop sommerwin mound is situated Silverkeep, the castle the city is named after.


Founded in the year 56 AHS.


A lot of the older parts of the city are stone and the newer bits have more windows to let in the light and wooden beams structure the stone used.


The sorounding area consists of plains and the occasional copse. It is located roughly 40 miles upriver from the sea.

Natural Resources

Grain is collected from the sorounding area and livestock graze the sorounding pastures.


  • Map of Silverkeep

    Map of the city of Silverkeep with a few notable places

Large city
Included Locations
Ivar Agosto
Owning Organization
Agosto Empire

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