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Duchess Virriness Arl

Duchess Virriness Arl (a.k.a. The Adamantine Deva)

The cold stones of the long abandoned fortress echoed out with the sudden insurgence of life. Soldiers moved through the halls, their metal clad feet clanking in the silence. In pockets of overgrown vegetation animals scattered before the invading force and creatures that had lingered in the blood stained halls feeding on the pain and memories of the keep found themselves put to the sword.   She approached the gate slowly, clad in adamantine plate; great-axe dripping green ichor as she pushed open the door to the main hall. Her brown hair was wet and matted to her face; the creatures that had taken residence within Queen's Square had proved dastardly to vanquish, even now her body shivered and felt cold from drained strength. She could feel the presence of her friend behind her, his long duster and wide brim had casting a shadow beside hers long across the dust covered floor of the ruined castle.   Their eyes met, and they nodded to one another before pushing in. The House of Arl had come to take their home, and Virriness would make sure that no force would dislodge the seat of Justice again.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Virriness is a strong bodied woman with a thick gait and a face that almost always bears a stern expression. Her hair bares a hereditary under-streaking of black that is symbolic of the house Arl.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Virriness is the first child of the house of Arl to be born after the exodus of the family from the Country of Jusinica when Stockton fell to Ras'al Khan during the War of the Gems. Her father having escaped the attack at the age of two with her grandmother while her grandfather, the Duke, fell with the city.   As such, while living in Hellsmere in the old family manor, she grew up with tales of the grandeur of Stockton and what her people once had; the great court house, the shattered straight, stories of heroes and adventurers in the north filled her head from a young age as her father told her the tales he grew up on. Eventually, the church of Justice; the sect that worships Jamal of the Jaralian empire reached out to her with the reformation of the Scaled Council under the direction of Draz Grimmum. The Half-orc spoke with Virriness and together the two began plotting an expedition to retake her family's ancestral home and retake Stockton from the wilds.   This was eventually funded, in part by the Emperor himself but also by the Archduke of Jusinica who wished to see the lands north of Bleakgarden be re-populated; leading to a great expedition in the year 85A5. With the aid of the church, the scaled council, and descendants of those few surviving families that had escaped the slaughter of Stockton the capital city was liberated of the wilds; and now Virriness faces the long and arduous task of rebuilding and re-settling the northern realm.


Virriness was educated at the University of Hellsmere, a fine establishment run and governed by the Empire itself. She had a keen mind for tactics and earned a degree in religious theory. A hard worker and careful planner, she is known to carefully approach all situations that come before her with a steady and practiced hand.

Accomplishments & Achievements

The greatest achievement in her life would be the re-taking of the City of Stockton and the ambition to further liberate and re-colonize the wilds of Stockton.   Though in her youth she was well known among the armies of the Jaralian empire as a keen and divisive leader, having aided in the protection of the city from the attack of the Kraken in the year 65A5, and her skilled leadership in the Battle of Red Whey that occurred five years later when a group of betrayer god cultists led a siege and attempted to blood-let their way across the villages and towns north of Hell's Gate.

Failures & Embarrassments

Due to an underestimation of just how ravaged the ghost lands and due to this the expedition north did suffer heavy loses. Virriness considered this a great personal failure.

Intellectual Characteristics

Cunning and sharp, Virriness is a cautious planner and devious strategist when she is given the room to think. It has served her well in the courts to the south, as well as when dealing with military generals.

Morality & Philosophy

Virriness is very religious and devote, she believes in the lessons of the Jaralian church and believes in the strength that her people can muster when they are rallied together. She is not solely devoted to the worship of Jamal but she has a strong sense of personal justice and responsibility with her position and the risk she imposes on her citizens with their attempt to retame the north.

Personality Characteristics


Virriness's primary desire is to reclaim her ancestral home land and raise both the land and the name of Arl beyond the levels it had achieved in history.
Lawful Good
Current Location
Year of Birth
4069 -4071 Years old
Biological Sex
Virriness has never been known to take a sexual partner, though some believe that in recent years she and the justicar Draz Grimmum have grown quite close together.
Gender Identity
Virriness is Female.
Muddy Brown
Long, curled, brown with black highlights
Skin Tone
Peach white
Known Languages
Common, dwarven, orcish, giant, and undercommon.

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