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Stockton-City of Justice

Crumbling stone and dust lay across the streets, and stained are the mighty steel walls that once acted as a protector for this long lost city. How many decades since the fall? Once the shining beacon of justice, power, and strength in the north it is little more than a great ruin.   It's streets and home haunted not only by the ghost of memory left by the people who were there once before but the mark of a great evil had left itself upon the very ground which holds the city up and feeds the vegetation to hungrily overtake and devour. A great, villainous act was performed on this once great land and the stones crumble in its passing; unable to bare the weight of their history; a silence that remains constant through time.


The population of Stockton is almost exclusively human presently. There is a spattering of more adventurous sorts pulled from other races but they make such a small percentage of the populace keeping track of an actual number would prove difficult.


Stockton currently resides under the control of Duchess Virriness Arl, having reclaimed the Fortress and the center of Queen's Square with the aid of the Church of Jamal. Currently all judicial and federal law are handled by the Duchess and Justicar Grimmum of the Scaled Council.


Though heavily weather by over 80 years of neglect the great slanted steel walls that surround the city are still a great defense (though many of the arrow/spell slits are rusted shut).


The reclamation efforts have retaken the center of the city, and converted some of the old yards into workable vegetable gardens.


Beyond its position in the north and access to great mines that contain rich ores and gems, the City also has access to the Northran Sea and the Shattered Strait.


Stockton, which originally resided in the shadow of a large mountain; known as Rust Kairn, was a bastion in the north and the Lone city that the Jaralian Empire controlled north of Kal'Torak for centuries. Eventually it served as the foundation for the Country of Jusinica after The Shattering and the destruction of Rust Kairn.   It became a central port for the north continent, and a power house being the center of the power for the Church of Jamal; the great courthouse being once the home of the Zealous God. Until the War of the Gems, in which the city became undersiege from the arch-mage Ras'al Khan, who killed over 95% of the population in a single night, razing the city and resurrecting the city as the first great expansion of his undead army.     The remaining 4% of the population that managed to flee spread warnings to the rest of the north and helped protect the realm from further assaults from the mad wizard; though thousands more would die before his conquest would carry him across the Central Ocean.     Now the City is a Barren husk, haunted and roving with monsters and nightmares, the descendant of the noble house that founded it; the House of Arl, have returned to the north to stabilize the duchy and reconquer the wild lands of Helfdome.


The city exists on a peninsula at the north western tip of the mainland of Helfdome. With the Shattered strait alongside two sides of the city and the great Northran Sea to the other side. Surrounded by large plains full of natural hot springs, rocky rivers, and knee high yellow grass.
Alternative Name(s)
The City of Justice, The Anvil
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