The Targonian Pantheon

"It's not hard to imagine what Targonia would be like without the Gods. We wouldn't even be here having this conversation if it weren't for them. That's why they should be respected." - Father Altadium, Lathandar follower

Largely inspired by the Forgotten Realms pantheon found in the setting of similar name by Wizards of the Coast, header taken from the Chaldea setting by Chaldea LLC

The Targonian Pantheon, as of 1532 AFT, consists of 46 gods separated by 10 domains that are the creators of the Material Plane. The gods included are the gods in The Forgotten Realms pantheon as well as a few of the non-human ones like Bahamut, Tiamat, and Garl Glittergold. These "Elder Gods" at one point in existence combined all their powers to make the Material Plane and create life to determine who should rule all the multiverse, placing wages based on which domain shall prevail. Because of this, most individuals in Targonia, heavily regard the Gods as an entity as important as family and friends, maybe even more so. It is common practice to pray to these gods daily, and even more than one per day, but most follow one particular deity as their main source of religious comfort.


The Targonian Gods are the rulers of the multiverse who are always competing against each other for power and dominion over the other realms. The Gods decided that instead of enduring endless conflict, they would combine all their powers to create a new battlefield that would determine who would win in this multi-universal conflict, and so, the Material Plane (and later Targonia) was created

Demography and Population

The Targonian Pantheon consists of 46 Gods (as of 1542 AFT).


The 46 Divines have 10 major domains that control certain aspects of the mortal condition: Death, Forge, Grave, Knowledge, Life, Light, Nature, Tempest, Trickery, and War. Each of these domains contains certain beliefs, values and prayer methods that determine how the multiverse (especially in the Material Plane) is run. They also represent the ideas and rulings of the gods themselves, each wagering on their domain being THE thing that will rule the multiverse.

Foreign Relations

To the rest of Targonia, the 46 Divines is the one thing most people look forward to in their lives. Because of them, they exist, and the individuals felt as if they owe their lives to them. Everyone prays to at least a few of the gods every single day, and society has been built on the religious foundations that created them. The Divine Order, for example, is a council made up of the most devoted members of each god that discuss important mortal issues within a religious context. Essentially, they are paramount and society has been formed around their teachings. Meaning, they hold a lot of sway.

Mythology & Lore

It took the combined powers of all the gods to create the Material Plane, and as such, it is essential to pray to the creators that made their lives possible.

Divine Origins

When the Targonian Gods made the Material Plane, they also created lifeforms that would populate this realm and eventually do war with each other. Bahamut and Tiamat created the metallic and chromatic Dragonborn respectively, Corellon Latharian created the Elves, Moradin forged the dwarves, and countless other examples. The only races that don't have a history or a god are the humans, which is an ongoing mystery still researched by scribes, sages and students to this day.


Worship is unique to each god, but most are often prayed to at churches with verbal prays or by paying homage with a material donation at the appropriate church. Some require sacrifices, some require altruistic actions, and others require nothing from them as of the understanding of that deity.

Granted Divine Powers

Individuals believe that if they make prayers to a particular god, that the god will grant them small favor that is appropriate to that god's powers. A soldier going to war would pray to any God in the War Domain, like Bane, Bahamut or Tyr to earn their favor to ensure that they will fight valiantly or die honorably. A farmer wishing for rain to come will pray to gods in the Nature domain, like Eldath or Silvanus to see if the gods will answer there plea. A thief about to make a robbery will pray to a God in the Trickery domain like Mask or Tiamat so that they might bless the thief the kind of fortune that will ensure their success in a heist. It is not completely fool-proof that the gods will answer all request, but some have seemed to gain even greater powers than a prayer, which include Sourcerers and the Godvoken and Goddessvoken members in the Divine Order.


The Targonian Pantheon is separated by the domains as previously discussed in the Religion sub-heading, but there's another sect: The Forgotten Gods. Originally, according to the earliest archaeological discoveries that date back pretty close to the formation of the Material Plane, there were originally 50 gods that created the Material Plane, but are otherwise no longer considered part of the wager between the gods. While the remaining 4 are mostly a mystery, the one god that is known by most people is the Raven Queen, banished for her unintended consequences of the creatures she created, the kenku. The other 3 gods have no historical information and are on the verge of being catatonic, which could potentially kill them.

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