The Order of the Meniasampoca

"It's all fun and games until an Meniasampocan burns down your house to get a few giant spiders." - Revellion citizen in Lidome

The Order of the Meniasampoca is a civilian knightly order founded to combat the evils and injustices of Targonia that circumvents the laws, rules, and regulations that make up other factions like the Dragonknights or nation's armies. Originally founded by the golden Dragonknight Menias Sampoca, it is famed for its unchecked, unregulated vigilantes, soldiers and clerics that fight evil for the greater good without having to be bought out like the Adventurer's League. They are, however, also infamous for their lack of control and have been known to destroy property, cause unintentional causalities and even make a situation worse. These are minor obstacles, however, as the organization is slowly gaining new membership with the increase of arrests towards Sourcerers, who investigate the prison island Deadwalk Island. While they are quite popular with most of the hamlets of the world, they are often looked down upon by other factions and governments for their lack of restraining they practice.


The Order of the Meniasampoca has no official organizational structure, anyone, and everyone could claim to be its a member and there's no current regulation on who joins.

Public Agenda

The Order of the Meniasampoca is an order of soldiers, knights, and vigilantes that go out into the world and squash evil wherever they go. They do not believe in the systems of governance to solve problems, and thus, they took it upon themselves to deal with their problems head on.


The Order doesn't own anything: whatever the individual member brings with them is technically the closest the order has to an asset. While precise numbers of members are different for each region, estimates hover around 5,000 and 100,000 members who identify with the order.


The origins of the order started out with the golden Dragonknight named Menias Sampoca under the guidance of a younger Tiber Sectum in Maladavoka. When Menias discovered that he wasn't able to help the people of Maladakova due to the unwritten rules of the Dragonwars originally from Bahamut and Tiamat (more especially, Dragonknights were not to intervene with non-Dragonknight issues), he left the organization and founded a coalition of his own with other Dragonknight turncloaks and other samaritan individuals. While he has long since past only one century after the formation of Targonia, the other Meniasampocans carried on his legact and named the order after him.

Demography and Population

The Order of the Meniasampoca is by far one of the most varried demographics of a faction in Targonia. Since there is a lack of governance to control membership, it includes all manner of races, backgrounds and specializations. It is noteworthy that most individuals here are Chaotic Good using 5E Dungeons and Dragons' Alignment Chart, believing that society should not be ruled by restraint and laws, and that people should contribute to the betterment of themselves and those around them.


Members of this organization are found all throughout Targonia on the whims of the individual's own desires. A common territory under the Meniasampocan's interest is Deadwalk Island, where Sourcerers are rumored to be held at.


Most members of The Order of the Meniasampoca are either military, police, mercenary or Dragonknights before their enlistment. Some are clerics who are undertaking pilgrimages throughout the lands to help whoever they find and enlist themselves as a Meniasampocan.


A common theme with this organization is on its reliance on achieving the greater good no matter what, and deities under the Chaotic Good or Neutral Good alignments are commonly prayed to by the members of this order.

Foreign Relations

Nearly every nation, faction and commoner has extreme opinions and relations with the Meniasampocans. On the one hand, they go around to the townsfolk of the world and solve their problems without having to be hired with coin, but on the other, this lack of restraint has caused general chaos throughout the world with a few misplaced Fireballs and poorly handled situations resulting in mass catastrophe. Nearly all organizations criticize them for their lack of control and restraint, but a few norms can be made. Elves hold favorable relations with the Meniasampocans since they too do not believe in limiting one's capabilities of achieving good. Dwarves hold unfavorable relations due to their strict codes of honor, family and conduct.

Founding Date
Approx. 15 AFT
Civilian, Knightly Order
Alternative Names
Vigilants of Menias Sampoca


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