The Adventurer's League

"The Adventurer's League is often either the first line of defense or the last, depending on how fucked up the situation is." - Meryl Wartorn, dwarven cleric, AL member

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The Adventurer's League is a guild consisting of wanna-be adventurers, mentors and instructors that deal with the common monster problems found in Targonia. From goblins to undead to constructs, the AL has completed millions of contracts and bounties since its introduction in 261 AFT by Pyon Westward. The AL is known to work alongside the nations of Targonia, from humanitarian crisis to monster hunting, but the AL is also recruited by sages to explore ancient ruins and by guild houses to act as caravan guards. Due to the millions of adventurers that have come before, the AL is largely responsible for the current stability currently enjoyed by the other nations, although their mission never truly ends until all evil monsters are slain.


While the organization is structured in accordance with the local government they ahere to, there is a small council, mostly consisting of the eldest and/or most veteran adventurers, that determine organization-wide guidelines, like the hiring process, the formation of bounties, and the legal process of adventuring within a nation's borders.

Public Agenda

The Adventurers League's main goal is to assist local communities, towns, and cities with third-party problems that include but is not limited to crisis management, monster hunting, pest control, infrastructure assistance, and daily running. While the governments are somewhat responsible for these issues and more, the AL is the non-partisan, unbiased and international solution to those problems.


The AL has headquarters in all of the major capital cities in Targonia. Each sect of the AL has a dedicated nation-wide bounty board, local smith, book-keeper, and training gym. Some of access to vehicle stations like stables or docks, but not always. While not considered troops, the AL has a large portion of manpower. The AL is also considerably wealthy, though most of that money goes to the darily running of AL employees and adventurers, as well as the local communities they support.


While the goals of the AL have always existed before the formation of Targonia, the first time the Adventurer's League was mentioned in 261 AFT by Pyon Westward, the first official leader of the AL. According to records, Pyon was an outlander in Revellon who worked alongside rangers and druids to fight against monsters. After doing this for decades, Pyon and his closest friends decided to make the investment of training and teaching local communities on how to fend for themselves. And over the next few centuries, the teachings and successes experienced by the AL has brought in more and more citizens turned adventurers, and it has grown into the international organization it is today.

Demography and Population

The Adventurer's League is one of the most diverse factions in all of Targonia. From humans to elves to tabaxi to triton to goblins, the AL is diverse since its sphere of influence encompasses the entire continent of Tarognia, from western Springlend to eastern Osia.


The Adventurer's League encompasses the entire mainland continent of Targonia.

Foreign Relations

Due to the importance of the AL, nearly all governmental powers have favorable relations with the AL, and regularly work alongside them in times of crisis with the government's army and police force. It also retains favorable relations with metallic Dragonknights since the AL occasionally works alongside the Dragonknights but also not interfere with the Dragonwars themselves (some exceptions do apply). Chromatic Dragonknights are also favored, but slightly less so, due to some sects interfering with the global peace of Targonia. The Black Mask Society has negative relations with the AL, since their operations interfere occasionally with the BMS. The Divine Order and Arcanic Essembly have positive relations, due to the level of effort the AL puts into their policies in respect to the request of the Divine Order and Arcanic Essembly (promotion of pro-prayer policies, expectations of responsible spell casting, correct measures of handling magical items, etc.)

Founding Date
261 AFT
Guild, Adventuring
Alternative Names
League of Extraordinary Adventurers
Head of State
Carmillia Everheart


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