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"If Eursia finds the existence of Firepowder and uses it in the Grand Eursian War, its not only the end for Osia, but for all of us as well." - Revellion Minister of Foreign Affairs, after seeing the Thunderhousen demonstration

Firepowder is one of the latest inventions that come out from the nation of Revellon. It was first created by the gnome engineer Valadir Rockcarver, who was originally experimenting with litmitus acid and accidentally lit a spark when it was in contact with a vial of sand. Since then, the Revellion government has continued to experiment with the newly formed "Firepowder" for its militaristic uses but its revelation is a secret to the international community. Its potential cause of harm and death has led to fears of neighboring nations (most notably Eursia) to potentially use it in their own war campaigns. In order to prevent this, the manufacturing of Firepowder is done upon order and not done by private-citizens. Firepowder has led to the birth of the new age of metallurgy, where it has also created the Thunderhousen, which is the first prototypes of explosive weaponry to be used, the first guns of Targonia, technically. Its the ability to have its energy focus in a strong, metal tube makes it far easier for any new soldier to yield, and its power-to-weight ratio is far greater than any martial ranged weapon in existence, and it rivals even some powerful spells, which are often limited by their use by the caster. Since its creation, the government of Revellon has predicted a shift in military execution as well as possibly shift in mundane matters in the everyday life, but fears for its application if used by the wrong hands. As such, the creation of Firepowder has changed how Revellon looks at future conflicts, especially with its neighbor Eursia, who would later declare war on Osia just a few decades later, and are currently looking for the next breakthrough to end of Osian resistance.


As of the present day, it is exclusively used by the Revellion military with the brand-new Thunderhousen Artillery Group. It is still undergoing tests of combat efficiency and utility, but the Revellion military is the only army in all of Targonia to employ Firepowder.
Valadir Rockcarver
Access & Availability
While the process itself is not complicated, the actual directions to held a secret by the Revellion government and military for fears of Eursia using it in their war campaigns. The indregients themselves are quite common throughout Targonia, with both sand and litmitus acid readily available mostly everywhere, the actual application and creation of Firepowder is closely guarded by the university, government and military of Revellon.
In 1356 A.F.T, a gnome scientist named Valadir Rockcarver discovered a unique chemical reaction while studying the effects of Litmitus Acid at the University of Acclaimed Sciences in Revellon. He was experimenting with Litmitus Acid, a naturally-occurring acid found in the bodies of toxic reptiles like frogs and lizards, and combined it with a grainy material like sand to see its effects. While the absorption of the litmitus acid is nothing special, what was astonishing was when burning coal from his cigarette fell onto the sample, and it created a mini explosion with a loud booming noise heard throughout the university. The heat created a chemical reaction and burned the sand, surpassing the stage of glass so quickly that it exploded due to its instability. Since then, its been called Firepowder, since its a powder that burns when a heat or spark is applied.

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