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"Armadil Plating is so durable, legends tell of experiments done when a wearer is blast by a Disintegration Ray. The armor would survive, but not the wearer." - Tiber Sectum, golden Dragonlord scholar

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In the deepest depths of Targonia's mines and quarries lies an ore unlike any other. An ore that once refined is one of the most durable metals that exist on the Material Plane, while still being lighter than conventional iron or steel. This is Armadillium, a brown, glossy ore used in the forging of "Armadil Plating", one of the hardest substances on the Material Plane. It exists in the smallest veins and is one of the most expensive metals in the world, but when a smith is able to forge a suit of the stuff, they would be delighted to know of its usage. It is resistant to nearly all types of damage while at a fraction of the weight that plagues other metal suits like Adamantine, and is not nearly as high-maintenance and prone to rust like Mithral. Its existence as metal as existed as long as history as, with some dungeons and tombs having nearly complete sets of the amour, though the smiths that claimed to be the first forgers of Armadillium have long since faded. The metal is extremely difficult to refine without compromising its integrity and durability, but when done completely, any warrior, no matter how young and inexperienced they are, will feel like a hero of legend.


Material Characteristics

The ore features brownish, glossy characteristics that shine brighter when under a light. In its refined form, it becomes more tanned, less saturated, and reduces its glossiness.

Physical & Chemical Properties

It is smooth to the touch, and when broken into fragments, doesn't cause sharp edges that could cut flesh. It is normally cold to the touch, as most rock ores are. It is immune to poison, acid, and most physical forms of damage.


Armadillium is often used in conjunction with titanium and steel to form the unnamed metal used for the Arcanughts Suit in Eursia. The most popular use of it, however, comes in as a metal forged all by itself and is called "Armadil Plating", which is mostly used for plate armor and other suits

Geology & Geography

Armadillium is one of the rarest naturally occuring metals on Targonia, and very few veins have been reported. It is commonly believed that the largest veins are found in the Toirneach Mountains in Rockdelven, but the dwarves do not report of finding such metals in their borders. Other than that, small pockets have been located all throughout, but its only enough to maybe make one suit of armor (if any).

History & Usage


Armadillium, despite its scarcity in modern day Targonia, is a lengthy history of use long before Targonia's formation. Some dungeons have been known to hold suits of armor made of Armadil Plating, and it is believed that the armor is resistant to most forms of physical harm to the wearer while remaining surprisingly light compared to other metals. No one knows who was the one that discovered how to properly forge it, but Armadillium as been used mostly as a material for armor sets.

Everyday use

Armadillium's most potent use is in the form of a suit of armor. Its extreme durability and light weight makes it ideal for fighters that want the best protection. It's been shown to shrug off most forms of physical abuse like the blows from swords, maces and lances as well as the natural forms of energy like fire, radiant, and cold. It is completely immune to poison and acid damage as well, with the weight that's more comparative to half-plate. The only downside is that it only works with large plates of it are forged, meaning that only half-plate suits and the heavier brands of armor can benefit from this

Industrial Use

Attempts have been made to industrialize the metal into more common, everyday duties. As a metal used to forge tools like hammers and nails, or as art pieces have been met with mixed results. It is very sturdy and light construction material for building, but the scarcity of the metal makes it nearly impossible to build a house with.


While durable in its ore state, it can still be cracked and broken. A smith can attempt to refine it with only a forge and an observant eye. Since there's no way to measure the heat of a forge, most smiths would have to eyeball the refining process as they work it. Some smiths claim it takes about an hour of constant heating, cleaning and hammering of the ore to refine it into an ingot, which could be crafted even further into something else. However, the benchmark of the heat is quite narrow, if its too hot or cold at any time, the ore tinges black and rusts away immediately.

Manufacturing & Products

Suits of armor (primarily half-plate or any of the heavy armors).


Trade & Market

Armadillium is extremely rare, and customers of the metal are some of the wealthiest inhabitants of the Material Plane. They are primarily adventurers who wish for the best possible suit of non-magical armor, or an merchant so that he could drive up the price with it to get even more when he sells it, or a smith who wants to make the absolute best piece he could ever hope to achieve in their lifetime


50,000 Gold Pieces per pound of Refined Armadillium
Extremely Rare
Brown, glossy
Common State

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