Stepping Stone Island

I Betchya more people a died on Steppin' Stone than in all da wars on yer mainland put ta-gether
— Overhead in the Runamuck Tavern
The small island situation between Big Ruk and Far Harbor is known as Stepping Stone Island. This tiny landmass has seen countless conflicts over the centuries as pirate lords, mercenaries, and profiteers have long sought to control the vital midway point so they may access the valuable resources on Big Ruk but all these efforts have ultimately been in vain.
The many powerful figures in Far Harbor have long sought to keep the Stepping Stone independent but breakaway tyrants have repeatedly defied that desire. While they mostly police their own when it comes to overreaching there is one another obstacle that would-be conquerors have to face when it comes to claiming the Island; the Big Ruk tribes.
The islanders have long claimed Stepping Stone belongs to them and holds a great spiritual significance that the people of Far Harbor would spoil. The sailors and merchants of Far Harbor see this as little more than an excuse to use the island as a launching point for their frequent attacks on their city and ships. Neither side has managed to gain much in the way of a permanent foothold. Far Harbor maintains a very small port known as Stepping Stone Bay which is little more than a few ramshackle docks and a dozen or so simple structures. The tribes on the other hand are known to set up temporary encampments within the dense jungle or in coastal caves but quickly clear out when spotted and rarely use the same location twice.
One of the most frequent job postings found in Far Harbor is a call for mercenaries to hunt down tribal incursions on Stepping Stone. These postings are generally financed by whichever local lord happens to have the largest investment in Stepping Stone Bay at the moment. Rarely is there an altruistic intent behind these endeavors. Other business there can include everything from trade to attacking rival ships and everything in between. Whatever one's reason for visiting this island there is a guarantee of danger that few are willing to accept withing ample compensation.


Dense jungle and difficult terrain. Hidden coastal caves.

Fauna & Flora

While none of the larger mega predators common to Big Ruk make the journey here the waters are home to many dangerous beasts. The land itself is populated with swift hunting animals, poisonous flora, and deadly insects.
The western side of the island is host to the largest gathering of Baggage Crabs in the entire Tairuk Island Chain . Once a year they gather in the thousands to breed and trade their treasures. Crab Mongers will often raid these congregations for the choicest specimens to sell at market in Far Harbor and in Melanthris where they fetch a very steep price.
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