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Crispin Bay

Crispin Bay...? Nope, never heard of it. Ooooh, wait, you mean the KittyHawk place yeah? Ah, throne of Vale... that's the good stuff.
— Overheard in Far Harbor
About a day's journey northwest of Far Harbor is a tiny speck of land that has had little value for most of the region's modern history. It was an obstacle to be avoided, an occasional stopover for rest and resources, and even a hideout for those on the run from their enemies but only in the most recent years has it become an intended destination. And that is entirely because of the KittyHawk Distillery.
The settlement of Crispin Bay began its existence as little more than a temporary camp for the labor workers, staff, and shipping teams that handled the business of the distillery's construction and operation. However, others soon came who made their livelihood doing business with these workers. Then their families followed, then more came to cater to those growing populations. The cycle continued until the village of Crispin Bay was formed.
The small settlement has operated at a healthy pace for the last 56 years until rather recent times. Storms in the region have intensified in the last weeks and sightings of strange, elemental beings are becoming common. One such odd occurrence took place near the island's barren coastal caverns very recently. Rumors say that within this storm there was a bombastic voice and even a giant humanoid shape that cackled with joyously as the lightening assailed the area. Only days later did the first of the transport ships coming and going from Crispin Bay vanish. It soon became evident that something was ripping the vessels apart and devouring all survivors. The so-called Beast of Crispin Bay drove the island community to near starvation as no supply ship could reach them. The islanders banded together to try and defeat the creature several times, including the owner of the KittyHawk, yet no effort bore fruit. Only casualties. All of Crispin Bay's able-bodied adventurers perished in the belly of the beast before aid could reach them. The Crew of the Paradise Lost managed to halt the creature's assault on the dock structure and reach its lair in the depths of the Crispin Caves where they finally defeated the hydra-eel.
With regular traffic slowly returning to Crispin Bay things are starting to fall back into a normal flow. Captain of The Paradise Lost Kazim Musharif has acquired the KittyHawk Distillery and pushed out the hostile flora/fauna that took over the property. KittyHawk rum is begining to flow again and money is coming back to the island.


Same make up as mainland Far Harbor


It was named after a famous Pirate Lord from a few decades previous and who's contemporaries helped build up the community. The Crispin's have remained in charge of the island since then, with its current ruler being the self-titled Mayor Dane Boto-Crispin. The Mayor does not use his grandfather's last name often as he wishes no association with the Pirate Lords of Far Harbor mainland. All of the decisions and administration of the island falls to Boto-Crispin who operates out of his office in the Carnelian Cuttlefish Tavern.


The community has access to two ballistae located near the dock

Industry & Trade

The entirety of their economy is based around the KittyHawk distillery


Access to KittyHawk products. Decent populations of fish and crustaceans suitable for the small population. Access to good quality wood.

Guilds and Factions

This small population has had little interactions with the larger factions in play in the region.


Crispin Bay has had a rather considerable tourism industry for alcohol aficionados, especially rum drinkers. Tours of the distillery, tasting events, and other fun occasions have drawn many to the island in the past.

Natural Resources

The island , though small, possesses a number of tiny fresh-water ponds that have proved valuable both for potable drinking water and water for the distillery operations. These bodies do not have much to offer in the way of fish and are often dangerous to reach. When drinking water supplies were running slim during the time of the Beast of Crispin Bay many of the islanders sought out these ponds at great expense to life and limb.
Alternative Name(s)
KittyHawk Island
approximately 1100
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