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Kazim Musharif

Kazim Musharif

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Kazim's eyes have turned a bright golden color, and while they don't glow, they seem almost reflective of any light that strikes them. Most of his skin has taken on a scaly quality, and his normally tan skin has taken a more yellowish hue, with the scales appearing slightly golden/metallic.

Physical quirks

When Kazim exerts himself to the point that he is breathing heavily, his breath steams as if the air is cold, no matter how hot the actual temperature.

Apparel & Accessories

Kazim was always fond of the lighter, looser fabrics of his homeland, but during his time with the Westbound Star he had gradually had them styled more and more like the Ghal Pelorians. Since the awakening of his draconic blood, however, he has reverted to very traditional styles that cover as much of his body (and therefore his appearance) as possible.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Kazim was born into a merchant family with ties to the Odreds. As Kazim came of age an uncle recommended him to Rehele, and he joined the Westbound Star Company. He has been with the company for a decade now, and was one of the more effective spokespersons for the caravan. He was an early supporter of Rehele's plan to found New Sanctuary, as he was keen for a change of scenery and believed Rehele's contention that if they passed up on the opportunity they may simply be overtaken by more adventurous competitors. Kazim had enjoyed his time in the caravan, but the thought of finally putting down roots and opening his own dry goods store and caravan outpost in New Sanctuary was enticing. He foresaw a comfortable life devoid of the dangers of the road, but with a steady income through his contacts in the caravan that would continue the trips back and forth to Ghal Pelor. Perhaps political power in his future as a council member or guild spokesman in the growing community.   All those dreams fell apart after the caravan reached Avelenti. The caravan was beset by chaos from strange cultists and betrayed from within by murderers. In the aftermath Kazim felt... a presence in his mind, some powerful force push into the world and let loose a deafening roar only he could hear. An alien intelligence touched his mind and he heard one word echo through his dreams and very soul: "Awaken".   Since that night Kazim has been steadily exhibiting strange powers and witnessing physical mutations to his body. His eyes have turned a burning gold, and golden scales are beginning to cover his entire skin. He consulted with the medics, he even consulted with the shaman of the thrice-damned Frostmerites, none of them could divine any poison, disease, or curse afflicting him. He was simply...changing. Despite this, he was increasingly alienated from friends as superstitions took over reason. He finally swallowed his fear and sought help from the fae. The three sisters studied him, and proclaimed that in some distant past a dragon had infused his bloodline with some of its power, and he was manifesting this creature's attributes. Over the next year he practiced with the youngest, who was the most scientifically curious, and the Frostmerite shaman to use manacite to contain the wild surges of power he felt and channel them constructively.   With every new expedition Kazim has volunteered, hoping that new horizons will give him a new lease on life. He was one of the first to volunteer for Port Sanctuary, though as it grew he was increasingly shut out of leadership. Now that yet another crew is gathering to sail over the waves and seek Far Harbor, Kazim has sullenly volunteered out of the hope that somewhere across the sea he will find either a cure... or acceptance.


Primary education in Baradrad, with a supplementary apprenticeship in mercantilism. In his time with the Westbound Star he made it a point to continue reading on any subject he could find, though he has a personal affinity for history of any sort.

Intellectual Characteristics

Kazim has a good head for business and that's where his primary attention lies. He values anything that is useful and tends to value pragmatism over ideology. He is entertained, however, by history and folklore and appreciative of art. He will gladly splurge his earnings on a good book, as they are portable, tradable, and re-usable, but has never really had the need of nor kind of permanent home that allows for the accumulation of art and other trappings of luxury.

Morality & Philosophy

Kazim values community, friendship, and interpersonal loyalty. He is also deeply practical and fairly materialistic. He respects the law, but having spent the past decade living largely outside a formal legal system as a travelling merchant, he is less concerned with what he considers local quirks and more with being honorable and just. He's not above shading the truth, but he prides himself on having never swindled anyone. Even as a merchant, he feels that being true to his word will pay larger and longer dividends through a reputation for trustworthiness than the momentary gain of a one-sided deal.

Personality Characteristics


Find safety and acceptance for his condition, or at least avoid superstitious fear that could get him killed. Long-term, Kazim would love to find some way back to his old life, or a version of it, where he could use his knowledge and skills to the economic benefit of New Sanctuary, and himself.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Good eye for detail. Charming and good-natured when comfortable. Always able to spot a good bargain.

Likes & Dislikes

LIKES: A good deal. A fine wine. Savory food. A good story. The knowledge of a job well done. The camaraderie of the campfire. Staring at the stars after a campfire dies.   DISLIKES: Being cold. Mud. Swindlers and liars. Wasting time (it's one thing to relax, another to dither and be lazy and unproductive).

Virtues & Personality perks

Prudence and Honesty (though never to a fault)

Vices & Personality flaws

Increasingly cynical about his future. Fears he will never find true acceptance, and tends to pre-emptively push people away. Comes off as brusque or stand-offish initially, as he fears letting someone in only to be more hurt by their rejection later.


Good. Life on the trail, like life on the sea, is what it is, but that's no reason not to keep your beard trimmed at your morning toilet. Good breath makes good deals, as Pa-pa always said.

Former merchant afflicted with an ancient curse.

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Neutral Good
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