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One of many continents on a modified Dyson shell, Syrioc, A.K.A Craton I, is sheltered from other civilizations by an order known as the Sun Monks. While other Cratons may have guns, trains, or even airships, Syrioc lags behind, assuming a much more rudimentary way of life.   Syrioc's cold northern climate is a curiosity in the shell. Despite covering a relatively small portion of land, there lies a wide range of climates on Syrioc. Normally, the climate is quite tropical, akin to the equators of conventional planets, but the northern part of the landmass is a cold, barren tundra covered in deep snow. This is because the crust of the Dyson shell is particularly thin there, and the cold chill from the Overdark seeps through the ground.   Ever oblivious to their true position in the world, the residents of Syrioc are kept busy with inter-personal feuds and wars. It is said that only when true peace and understanding is accomplished, will the Sun Monks decide to disclose the truth of the universe and their place in it to the lowly people of this small, primitive, place.