Hakkon "The Brave" Thorvaldsen of Clan Hakonsen High King of Vistaghast (Haa-khan)

High King of Vistaghast, King of the province of Vallholm, head of clan Hakonsen Hakkon Thoraldson (a.k.a. The Good, The Brave, Linnorms-Bane, The Just, (Many Others))

The man who stands before you is not what you expected. He is tall but not the giant of a man many claim, he is certainly handsome and his ice blue eyes have doubtless won many hearts but you have seen better looking men. His straw yellow hair is frightfuly common though it and his beard are very well groomed. Yet there is something about the way he carries himself, the way he speaks that makes him seem larger then life a man who people want to lead them. This is the man voted as High King of the Vistaghast isles Hakkon "The Brave", Hakkon "The Good", Hakkon "slayer of the Ice Linorm Glimmering-Fang", foe of trolls, goblins, orcs and giants he who toppled his corrupt uncles seat of power and brought justice to a decadent throne. Even if he was not high king he is a hero among the people of the north, a just and noble warrior king of old, a man of true honor and courage. His ability to draw love and admiration is surely great but thus so also must be his power to draw the jealous, bitter and petty beings who would desire to dethrone him.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Physical health and well being have always been important to Hakkon and he maintains a healthy lifestyle going out of his way not to over indulge at feasts or drink too much on most occasions. Deep down he is as passionate about life as most of his people and can be goaded into drinking and eating oath boasts with the right encouragement where he has displayed an ability to feast and drink that have made many regret challenging him.

Body Features

Hakkon is tall, lanky and powerfully built his long clean limbs have always provided a natural reach advantage against many foes and he takes a quiet pride in his physical virtues.

Facial Features

Many would say that Hakkon is not the most handsome of men, nor would anyone call him ugly by any means, his features lean more towards the clean angles of his family line with a somewhat heavy brow and a square jaw. What draws most to his face are his eyes, a pale blue rare even among his own predominately blue eyed folk they have been compared to ice by his admirers and said to be windows that one can see into his naked soul.

Identifying Characteristics

Once more most would agree Hakkons eyes are first and foremost among the features they know him by. He carries many battle scars that also serve to identify him, the slash marks across his back where he used his body to shield a child from a rampaging troll are perhaps the most well known of those. He rarely travels these days without wearing his family colors of blue and silver and the high kings crown is never far for he holds that tittle with great duty and dedication especially to the stories of the warrior kings of old who freed his ancestors from slavery to giants.

Special abilities

Hakkon on rare occasion jokes that he is a muscle-mage or a sword-sorcerer but he has no aptitude for magic nor does he display any powers beyond what a human who is very physicaly fit and well trained might display. With his twin sister being a very talented witch his older brother a skald who dabbled in both spell and swordplay and friends who are shapeshifting berserkers and champions of the gods he takes some measure of pride in just being a normal man who has worked very hard to be good with fighting even making the rare joke that he is just a guy with a sharper then average sword.

Apparel & Accessories

As high king Hakkon always dresses well, silver jewelry adorns his fingers, neck, wrists and arms (most of it enchanted for some purpose or won durring his adventures) he often braids his beard with mithril beads (a gift from the Dokk Alflar queen) that are said to grant some form of protection from assassins and he is rarely seen without his prized winter wolf skin cloak, one of the first near deadly challanges of his life the winter wolf Night-Frost had terrorized a small village demanding they pay him and his pack of worgs tribute in the form of a new born child each year to feast upon. Hakkon and his party had faced Night-frost and his pack and only barely stole victory. Hakkon landed the killing blow when he drove his shield into the beasts jaws hard enough to tilt its head and give him a killing blow at its throat. The pelt has been his favourite cloak since and he has had his sister enchant it with various wards of protection and resistance to frost that have saved his life numerous times.

Specialized Equipment

As an adventurer of some repute and prowess Hakkon has a number of enchanted arms and armor and gear he has earned, found or paid to have to have crafted for him. Aside from the pelt of Night-Frost his most well known peice of equipment is his sword Steel-Fang. Steel-Fang is a hand a half or bastard sword that Hakkon took as a reward from the lair of the queen ogress Gerdvelda the Flesh-Gnawer. The sword is supposedly of dwarven make and has been dated to be a thousand or more years old. Its magics are not fully understood and seem to be linked to whom ever bonds with the weapon growing in strength as they do. Such magics are not unheard of but very rare and sought after. As Hakkons legend grows the power of the sword grow with them and where once it was merely sharper and harder then a normal sword he has reputedly recently cleaved an iron anvil in half with Steel-Fang. The prized sword is never far from his side and rumors say he and the sword are bonded in spirit and he can will the blade to his hand from anywhere he desires, this may me a rumor (one of countless in fact) but for those who have seen his feats of skill empowered by the mighty Steel-Fang's magical power it is not hard to believe the many fantastic tales of what he and the sword can do.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Hakkon and his twin sister Freyadis were born in a time when the high king of Vistaghast his uncle Olaf ruled the nation. Olaf was a cruel and greedy high king who ruled through fear, manipulation and ties to hags and black magic and while many yearned to unseat him few had the power or courage to oppose him. Hakkon and his sister grew up in their uncles court exposed to the worst of Olaf and his ilk but where more influenced by their older brother Sten who regarded King Olaf as a dishonorable stain on their ancestors names. As the years passed Hakkon would become a talented swordsman and his sister a skilled witch and together they and Sten would adventure to earn names for themselves.   The adventuring life suited the siblings who had no great desire to live under their uncle Olaf but this would change when on Hakkon and Freyadis seventeenth year when Olaf attempted to force Stens beloved to be his concubine. Sten became enraged and challenged Olaf to a duel to the death. Olaf ignored the honor duel and Sten responded by using his skaldic talents to write poems and songs that exposed the dark and dirty truths of Olafs court and how he maintained his power. As uprisings started to ferment and Olaf became questioned and his honor doubted the petty High King charged Sten with treason and rather then face him in a duel he ordered his nephew to face the executioners block.   Stens Death and the honorless actions of their uncle would see the twins make a vow to end Olaf and see justice for Sten no matter how powerful or terrible Olaf was. The rebellion started when the axe fell on Stens neck. When the songs and poems against Olaf were made illegal Hakkon and Freyadis would gather people in secret to sing them and work to expose the evils of Olafs court both to the people and the other noble clans of Vistaghast. While his sister worked on ways to counter the Hags in Olafs service Hakkon earned friends and allies willing to stand against his uncle.   With blood and justice a revolutionary war started a year later, Hakkon and his allies burst into the home of Olafs lord tax collector a greedy dwarf who abused and took more then his fair share from the people and by morning he was badly beaten and in chains under arrest for abuse of his station by the authority of the rebels. Olaf responded by raising his armies and declaring he would subjugate and kill the traitor and treasonous folk who dared to turn on him. The response from Hakkon, Freyadis and their allies was to name Olaf a Coward and a Kinslayer.   Vistaghast would erupt in bloody war with Olafs supporters and Hakkons going head to head. Hakkon, his sister and their allies made remarkable headway however and by midsummer Olaf was surrounded on all sides. The war had been bloody and hard fought and Olaf had unleashed monsters and black magic upon the twins only for Hakkons sword and Freyadis's spells to sunder his attempts at assassination time and time again. As Olaf hid in his castle an Althing was forced by Hakkon and he demanded a vote be taken for high king. With cunning word and keen swordplay he earned the votes of the noble clans and ruling powers and Hakkon now stood as high king.   When word spread many of Olafs loyal men abandoned him and the siege ended when Hakkon, Freyadis and their companions Ulfrost "Snow Wolf" Eilifsson and Skallagrim "Thick Head" Audgislisson snuck into the keep through underground caverns, bested the guardian beasts that prowled under the castle at Olafs service, slew his Hag Mistress and defeated Olaf in combat dragging him out of the castle and proclaiming that the rule of king Olaf the Kinslayer was over.   Hakkon would go on to reform and repair the damage he felt Olaf had done to his country after stripping Olaf of all he owned and banishing him to the lands of giants and trolls (a fate some felt was too good for Olafs crimes) with only a spear and a leather jerkin. Hakkon now rules as high king and he works tireless to better the land and people he loves while staying true to his personal codes of justice and courage. A warrior king who has embarked on quests to slay a legendary Linnorm Glimmering-Fang to save the people oppressed by the evil dragon, a diplomat who has strived to bury old feuds and end senseless bloodshed, a man who has outlawed raiding and piracy and wants to change the old ways of taking from others and turn Vistaghast into a nation of traders and explorers not sea born raiders. He has certainly earned all of his names and weather by the keenness of his sword or wit he will be remembered as one of the greatest high kings of the North.


Hakkon's education was fairly typeical for the most part of the nephew of the high king. Though often falling into the shadow of his twin sister's cunning prowess he was by no means dull witted and excelled in his studies.   Like all men of vistighast he was educated in combat and warfare near as soon as he was old enough to hold a training sword. From even an early age his strength and height gave him an advantage of reach and power on most of his sparing partners and after he throughly defeated half a dozen boys his own age in a melee with training swords his teachers would note that boy was something of a natural talent in battle. His great uncle Torvalt (his primary combat teacher) offered little congratulations however and made the young Hakkon fight older and more talented boys pushing Hakkon to his breaking point until he was baddly beaten by a much older and larger boy breaking Hakkons nose in the process.   After his defeat (and some time healing) Torvalt asked Hakkon what he learned and after a few moments of consideration Hakkon replied   "I have learned three lessons today uncle, One that natural talent is no match for skill, two that no matter how good you are someone is always better and three always wear your helmet"   Torvalt smiled unexpected at the young boys wisdom and gave Hakkon his first nick name, Hakkon "Busted Nose" and while Hakkon rarely is called by that name he remembers it and the lessons he learned in the training yard that day well.


When Hakkon and his sister came of age they and their older brother Sten would travel from their families home to go a Viking, that is to say adventuring in the rural lands and wilderness of their families province of Vallholm. Like many who take up such a life he was a mercenary of sorts hunting down bandits, beasts and dealing with various odd jobs while indulging his wanderlust and avoiding the court of his reprehensible uncle Olaf. It was during this three year period that he would devlop his skills in combat by leaps and bounds going from a talented swordsman to a hardened fighter of men and monsters.   After the fall Olaf the Kinslayer he remained as high king of his nation while granting his twin sister Freyadis stewardship of his families province and properties so as to not over burden himself. When and if he ever steps down from the position of high king is it likely he will spend his years as he did his youth, pitting his blade against the creatures that threaten his people until some giant, troll or dragon finally claims him.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Among the Vistigari people nicknames are earned for important qualaties, events and deeds in ones life and Hakkons many names are evidence of his many adventures. "Goblin Hewer", "Orc Crusher", "Troll Chopper" and "Linnorm Bane" were all some of the names given to him during his adventuring career by thankful folk for his many heroic deeds.   His greatest accomplishment was overthrowing his wicked uncle and avenging his wrongly murdered older brother alongside his sister and their close friends though Hakkon is rarely one to brag and often states this was simply something that had to be done. What Hakkon does brag about is his defeat of the terrible Ice Linnorm Glimmering-Fang in single combat. When he learned the sea side village of Stromthorpe was terrorized and enslaved by Glimmering-Fang he vowed that like the kings of old he would face the linorm in single combat and slay it, making an oath boast that its head would adorn his great hall. While Hakkon himself will gladly retell the details of his travel to the creatures lair and the mighty battle that followed for the sake of this story it is sufficent to say he emerged after the arduous battle with the head of Glimmering-fang and he would forever be called a living legend by the skalds.   Hakkon is by no means done however and provided he does not fall at a young age has no intent to give up his adventuring or battle against the evils that threaten his homeland and its people. Many whisper he may be the greatest king of the north in the modern era and when he does finally pass on to be with his ancestors the rune stone erected in his honor will be tremendous in size simply so that it can properly tell of his deeds.

Failures & Embarrassments

Hakkon considers the death of his brother Sten to be his greatest failure, even if he may not have been able to prevent it. In the high kings own mind he goes over the events often and thinks of how his actions might have prevented it. While he is by no means a flawless person Hakkon is otherwise not overly prone to dwell on his failings and outwardly shows little sign of embaressment the exception being his sisters playful barbs and joking comments that all to easily break his icey defences.

Mental Trauma

No one is without flaws and Hakkon struggles with humility, even with the life lessons he has learned boastfulness and being headstrong are traits he works very hard to control. It might even be said that he tries too hard to keep his emotions in check because he fears allowing them to cloud his mind and this leads to him seeming distant to all but his closest friends. His parrents died before he or his sister had any memory of either but Hakkon often dreamt of them as a child leaving his waking hours ones with an empty place in his heart. His older brother Sten practically became his surrogate father when he was executed Hakkon nearly broke. While he has always had powerful passions and emotions he retreated inwards and hardened himself against the world. Even when enraged or utterly heart broken he will will force himself to show the world only his steely resolve. Thus to many who do not know him well he seems aloof, distant and cold. Romance is equally difficult for the high king due to tendency to suppress his passionate nature and many circles gossip about how he has no wife at his age and his lack of interest in women, men or any kind of romance or lustful needs. In truth Hakkon is a romantic at heart and has no desire for mindless debauchery nor a political marriage based entirely on power that is so common among the wealthy and powerful.   All in all the his life has been hard and shaped the High King of the North into a complex creature, powerful emotions boil just below the surface yet he feels they are a weakness he can not afford and locks them behind a cold persona. Yet it is this unshakable steel hard resolve that has earned him the adoration of his people for Vistighast is a hard cold land where summer is short and the fangs of winter yet claim many lives and the people admire their high king for standing grimly before the coming storms that is life in the far north.

Intellectual Characteristics

Hakkon is not without cunning nor above guile if it is what is needed. Some would label him as a dull witted warrior and those some would be foolish. Hakkon has proven his tactical ability in numerous conflicts and time and again has shown himself to be a natural or savant when it comes to combat. The heat of battle, the ringing of steel on steel and life or death struggle are where his mind is at its best so much so that he often tries to liken other situations to battles and wars to better cope with them. Even when acting as a diplomatic voice he surely arrayed in his mind the lines of battle and chosen the best words as weapons to counter his foes armor. With situations where he does not feel any kind of conflict are the ones he is most awkward for him and his mental abilities can seem sluggish in comparison.

Morality & Philosophy

Outwardly Hakkon appears to be a cold pragmatist but in truth he is strongly moral person driven by justice and the idea that the strong have a responsibility to protect the weak. He holds personal honor as a high virtue but understands that sometimes honorless acts must be done for the greater good and will grudgingly put aside his code of conduct if the greater good calls for acts that would demand his honor be stained. In fact he would prefer he carry the burdens of such things over another when push comes to shove and his willingness to endure hardships for others ties into his deeper belief that the strong need to aid and protect the weak. He is often called Hakkon the good for valid reason though it is not always meant as a compliment as some see what is ultimately a selfless justice driven nature as weak and too focused on black and white morality.


A man who holds the honour codes of his kith and kin close to heart Hakkon would only breach these ideals in dire circumstances. He is a warrior and not a murderer first and foremost. The idea of butchering a defenseless foe or taking a life for petty or selfish reasons sickens him to the core. Some scoff at Hakkons moral high ground but more see him as a paragon of honor and justice, a larger then life figure who will always take the harder path because it is the right path to walk.

Personality Characteristics


Justice, deep down Hakkon feels like the world is an unfair place, his mother and father were taken from him before he was three years of age, he watched as his corrupt uncle used and abused good people and his beloved older brother was murdered for his honesty all this has made him take up the cause of bringing justice to an unjust world by his own actions as the core of his being. While he does crave adventure and the thrill of battle it will always be his personal war against an unjust world that drives him to stand by what he holds true in his his heart and dare any force that opposes this to test his mettle.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

As stated many times Hakkon is a very good fighter, one of the best infact and none would deny this. He has also proven to be a skilled leader and very capable tactian. While he can be awkward at times for the most part he is good enough at keeping his cool that few rarely see him trip through social interactions. Hakkon does have a noticable habbit of fumbling his way through romantic interactions or flirtation directed at him but to his credit has never allowed it to effect his judgement. His understanding of magic and the supernatural is limited to "can I kill it with my sword?" and "how do I stop it from killing me with magic?" but he has once more to his credit survived encounters with evil spell casters, magical monsters and supernatural horrors numerous times.

Likes & Dislikes

Hakkon is at heart a passionate man and loves life, he enjoys good food (he has a weakness for blue berry pie), good drink (cat-mint spiced mead is his favorite), story and music and his great hall never lacks for such comforts. He also loves battle, the din of combat the song of steel and thrill of a good fight. He often trains for the shear enjoyment of it finding exercise and sparing almost as fun as the real thing. Hakkon doesn't dislike many things he is notorious among his friends and family for not being a picky eater and having an iron cast stomach. His most well known dislike is fleas and other tiny blood sucking insects as acording to his sister he bellyaches to no end about how much they annoy him.

Virtues & Personality perks

Just, fair and brave are Hakkons dominate virtues and as an uncomplicated person most can easily see these traits.

Vices & Personality flaws

Hakkon at his worst is prone to internalizing his feelings rather then expressing them and has a tendency towards a black and white view of the world. Hakkon can also be headstrong and stubborn but these are sometimes view as virtues not flaws by the warrior culture he comes from.


Like most Vistigari Hakkon considers hygene a virtue (a trait most would be shocked to hear about coming from a people called barbarians by most) his hair is kept neat, short and well combed and he takes well care of his beard combing, oiling and washing it on a semi regular basis. He is debately better groomed and more hygenic then the very people who call him and his kin barbarians.



So far Hakkkon has ruled as High King for seven years and many suspect he will continue to reign as such until his death upon the throne.

Contacts & Relations

Hakkon is on good terms with most of major organizations in his homeland and is more diplomatic then many of his nations past rulers seeking former enemies and peoples that were once raided by his kin and offering trade and seeking to bury old feuds. As such he is rather well connected and when he is not his sister who is practically his co-ruler is by in far more socially adept then he and can provide any contacts me might need.

Family Ties

A strong beliver in family, blood or adopted, Hakkon holds up the unity of friends and family as a high virtue though he has also shown that he considers blood the weakest of family ties. If one wishs to be treated like family they act like family, Hakkon is no kinslayer but using blood relation alone as a claim to loyalty and family togetherness leaves a bitter taste in his mouth reminding him far too much of his Uncle Olaf.

Religious Views

Like most of his country man he is a polytheist paying respects to the pantheon of the north as needed, Hakkon would be considered quite boring and typical for his religous beliefs among his folk .

Social Aptitude

Outwardly Hakkon is quite adept at the social games of nobles and the powerful, after all it is just another form of battle much of the time. It is when there is no risk or conflict that internaly he struggles with awkardness and uncertinty. Often he chooses to pretend to seem stoic and thoughtful rather then let others know just how much he is mentaly stumbling through an awkward social moment.


Polite, aloof and tactful are the what most people think of when Hakkons mannerisms are brought up, his close friends and family would however note that he can be boastful, playful and even a bit silly when in private or among his friends.

Hobbies & Pets

As a king Hakon has horses and hunting dogs many he enjoys the company of and the care of but unlike many kings he also owns several cats that can be seen in his halls. His favourite is a particularly fat female forest-cat named Bear who likes to sit in his lap while he holds court. As for his hobbies it would be easy to say combat is his hobby but hobby doesn't really do justice to his love for battle. His hobbys more properly would include board games (inspite of his sister always beating him), poetry (he isnt very good at it though), singing (his lack of talent at this is infamous), Sailing and Hunting. The last two are evident in the number of trophies taken from monsters and dangerous beasts that adorn his great hall and the amount of investment he has placed in his personal dragonship apply named the Long Wyrm.


Hakkon speaks quite well and with practiced ease for the most part though his accent is a bit thick and very iconic of the Vistigari tongue, among his people most consider his strong hard edged tones to induce a feeling of protection and dedication and many people come to hear his speaches or else listen when he holds court.

Wealth & Financial state

As an adventurer and king Hakkon has a tremendous amount of wealth at least in theory. Hakkon has a habit of separating money he feels he earned himself versus money that belongs to the good of his nation and rarely touches his royal treasures for personal expense. As trade and economic growth are improving under his kingship this tendency of his is likely to create a very enviable stockpile of resources for whom ever is elected as next high king.
The Legend of Glimmering-Fang   The Ice Linnorm Glimmering-Fang once terrorized the southren Coast of Vistaghast treating the people of that region as its slaves using demanding tributes in gold and lives. Glimmering-Fang's however was more then just a terrible draconic monster for long ago he was a mere man. Once the Chieften of the Stromhauk clan he was sworn by oath like his family before him to protect the powerful sidhe witch Larkspur. Durring his rule however a coven of usurpers longed to steal her magical power for themselves and would use his lust for power and greed to turn the man who would be a Linnorm against Larkspur. When Larkspur fell to his blade she whispered a terrible fey curse upon him or his oathbreaking, he would become what he truely was in his heart.   As the time passed the curse worked its magic upon him each day he lost more and more of his humanity, his body warping and changing and his mind unraveling as the oathbreaker suffered for his wrong doing. At last one night there was nothing left of the man he once was and all that remained was the monster he burst from his family home killing his wife and all but one of his children and fled to a frozen rocky island off the coast with his precious treasures and claimed it as his home. There he remained a creature of cold greed and icey soul tormented by nightmares of his broken oath and lost humanity.   Many tried over the years to hunt and slay Glimmering-Fang but the Linnorm proved either to powerful or cagey and their bones sooner littred his lair. When Hakkon came to that rocky frozen island and told Glimmering-Fang he had taken an oath to end his evil the Linnorm laughed and bid him to do his worst. The battle between two legendary foes was terrible and prolonged but the finaly blow was won by Hakkon and Steel-Fang cleft the Linnorms head clean from its writhing body.   Glimmering-Fangs skull now sits above the high kings throne and the people he once terrorized chant Hakkons name in awe. The Skalds sing his praises and some call him Hakkon "The killer of what can not be slain" and ask what mighty foe will be next to fall before their hero king.
A man measured by the power of the foes that have fallen before him   Hakkon has never been one to shy away from standing his ground against an enemy and should that enemy have harmed his people, wronged the innocent or commited a grave injustice he becomes an implacable advesary. He has in his time faced many terrible foes from child eatting monsters, covens of hags wielding black magic, ruthless bandits and honorless nobles alike. The heads of assassins who failed to strike him down adorn spears on his castle wall most cut down by Hakkon himself. Many who would abuse their strength and power hate him for his hard justice but many more fear to face him. With his most recent act of heroism the slaying of the mighty Linnorm Glimmering-Fang sending a very clear message to any who might think to oppose him or bring woe upon his kingdom just how mighty his sword arm is.
Hakkon in Pathfinder (First Edition) Class: Fighter 16 Mythic Path: Champion 8
Neutral Good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Leader of Clan Hakonsen, King of the Province of Vallholm, High King of the Vistaghast Islands, Pie Eating contest champion of the High Harvest Festival five years running (this last title is self apointed)
Date of Birth
10th of Last-Frost
City of Jordishiem, Province of Vallholm, nation of Vistaghast
Pale Blue
Short, Blonde
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
260lbs (Mostly muscle)
Quotes & Catchphrases
"If I walk away or if I die that is not what matters, what matters is when all feared you, all cowered before you that one was willing to stand and say no more!" -Hakkon before slaying the Winter Wolf Night-Frost the eater of sons.   "Die with honor, it would be a shame if they remembered you as a coward when the skalds tell my tale" -Hakkon to Glimmering-Fang the Ice Linnorm   "I fight because it is my gift, I am very good at fighting, I fight with words, I fight with weapons, I am a warrior in all things"   "Fear is a disease it spreads and rots the hearts of good people but its cure is just as contagous, courage in the face of fear takes root and emboldens hearts and souls. Face your own fears and stand against them and others will find strength to do the same"   "When I die I do so proud that I have lived a fine life and will be remembered for the good I have done. You? You are a monster and all that will be remembered of you was that I ended your evil and claimed your head as my prize!" -Hakkons final worlds to Glimmering-Fang before decapitating the wounded Linnorm.
The Gods of the North
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
A moderately talented linguist Hakkon speaks the Vistigari native tongue as well as seveal local dialects, the common trade tongue and to the suprise of many is fluent in dwarven and elven. He knows enough orcish, goblin and giant to throw a credible insult and his attempts to speak draconic are laughably poor.
The Pelt of Night-Frost the Eater of Sons   This cloak is made from the pelt of a mythic winter wolf who once demanded tribute in the form of the first born sons of a forest village and is no worn by his slayer high king Hakkon. This snow white wolf skin cloak is pristine and stitched with silver thread in the shape of runes that grant its wearer protection from even magical and otherworldly cold.   Steel-Fang slayer of all Foes   Steel-Fang slayer of all foes is a magical sword of lost dwarven craft forged in days when the gods and titans waged war. Its true name is only known to Hakkon and perhaps his sister who recovered the sword in a time lost ruin on one of their adventures. It is of the dwarven style featuring a heavy wide blade and a handle fit for one or two handed fighting. Most would classify it as a bastard sword or hand and a half sword if one prefers that name. The swords most remarkable quality is its abilty to bond to an wielder of its choosing and grow in strength and power as they do. No weapon is perhaps better suited to be the foe of the evils of the north and has found no more deserving of a master then the high king who would give up his life to defend his people without a second thought. Should Steel-Fang ever be stolen or lost it will always return to the hand who has earned it.


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