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Destiny Shattered: The Prophet of the Mother Speaks

Behold, I stand before you with somber tidings, to speak of quivering lights, trembling earth, and rumors of fearsome behemoths stirring from their slumber! Know that I am no mere doomsayer, but a conduit of the great cosmic beast, Syann, whose back cradles our existence.   The actions of mortal beings, entangled in their own ambitions, have left the cosmic mother with no choice but to unleash the consequences upon this world. Let it be understood that I, as her messenger, proclaim that mortals must not presume their destiny to outweigh that of our world! The Tarrasque, the Behemoths, Leviathans, and Kaiju are her final offspring, born to chastise us mortals for our audacious belief that we may act without facing repercussions.   Repeatedly, mortals have wounded her, and repeatedly, she has granted them opportunities to learn from their misdeeds. The Thousand Year Winter, the Darkness Devouring the islands of Orycallia, the First Cities' transgressions against the world, and now the Land Shatter —our benevolent mother beast has shown kindness for countless ages. Yet, we now find ourselves in an era where she corrects the arrogance of her wayward children.   Let it be known to all that destiny is but a fractured reverie, and no mortal shall be allowed to harm her, regardless of their desires or illusions! The Age of Shattered Destiny commences, and as the voice of the cosmic mother, I warn you that colossal creatures, whose size will obscure the very sun, lie in wait for those who dare threaten her or disrupt the delicate balance of her nature with their selfish aspirations!   -Declartion (One version there of) spoken the world over by oracles, doomsayers and diviners that the Age of Shattered Destiny had started and that the world would no longer stand for mortals who thought themselves able do as they pleased without consquence.


In the heartland of Terigoth, the Land Shatter spell tore the very fabric of the world apart, disrupting the intricate network of Laylines that crisscrossed the land. Syann, the cosmic mother beast embodying our world, trembled in agony. This wasn't the first time mortals had inflicted harm upon her, but it would be the final straw. While still in her slumber, the mother would create life, forging formidable punishers—monstrous beings of immense size and power, capable of erasing entire kingdoms from her surface. In the aftermath of the Landshatter, these beings emerged, leaving destruction in their wake, punishing cities and kingdoms that had earned the mother's fury.   However, even in her wrath, they say the mother's love still endures for the life that thrives upon her dormant form. Countless Shamans, Druids, Oracles, psychics, and kindred spirits received her message through vivid dreams. It spread across the world, proclaiming the commencement of the Age of Shattered Destiny—a time when dire consequences would befall those who harmed the Cosmic Mother. Thus, an era has dawned, demanding that potentially powerful madmen's actions be thwarted by heroes before their recklessness invites devastation upon all. It is an age where those who believe Destiny grants them unbridled freedom must confront the reality of their shattered illusions.

Document Structure

Publication Status

The words and dreams of many of the Beast-speakers have been gathered into a serries of books that are studied by schollars and theologins seeking hidden wisedom and secrets regarding the "Great Monsters" that could awaken and threaten countless lives at any time. These Books are Generaly refered to as Tomes of the Speakers of Syann.

Historical Details


In the wake of the cataclysmic Land Shatter, a momentous event unfolded as Dhalia "the Mad" Aydelwyn, a half-elven druid, became the first Beast-Speaker. The magical radiation that surged through her veins, a result of surviving the deadly impact of the shattered Layline upon her sacred grove, bestowed her with visions from the very essence of Syann—the lifeblood of our world. Her eyes crackled with raw magic, a testament to the cosmic connection she now possessed.   Dhalia appeared before the world as the first recorded attack of the formidable creature, later known as the Tarrasque, sent tremors of fear across lands. She delivered Syann's urgent message, conveying the consequences that mortals had invited upon themselves through their actions. Soon after her appearance, other Beast-Speakers, akin to Dhalia, emerged from various corners of the globe. Each of them, with a similar aura of mystical power, delivered cryptic yet powerful warnings and threats, emphasizing that the appearance of these colossal beings was a direct outcome of mortal deeds.   Dhalia, with her newfound role, became a symbol of the Age of Shattered Destiny, and though she was the first, she was not the last. As these awe-inspiring creatures continued to surface, more Beast-Speakers emerged, echoing the same prophetic message, reminding mortals of the consequences they must face for their actions. It was an era where the enigmatic voices of the Beast-Speakers served as a constant reminder that the harmony of the cosmic mother's world could not be trifled with, and that the destiny of mortals was now intricately bound with the destiny of the world itself.

Public Reaction

At first many of the beast speakers were labeled as mad or scoffed at but soon enough their magical power and ability to quiet and send the great beasts back into their slumber proved that they indeed spoke for the great mother. With in a short period of time the majority of naysayers were silenced by the overwhelming power the beast-speakers seem to have been granted by Syann.


Roughly five centuries later there seem to be no Beast-Speakers remaining however their words had done their work bringing about the Age of Shattered Destiny and letting the world know what would no longer be tolerated actions by the beings who dwell upon the cosmic mother .
Decree, Religious

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