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Arcane Legion

The Arcane Legion is a loose grouping of warriors until the Eastern Civil War, during which it is organized and mobilized as one coherent force by Chief Commander General Aife Llewellyn.



Numbers of Arcanese warriors fluctuates; however, they are about 50,000 strong at the time of the Eastern Civil War.


Equipment is specialized by division and individual needs. Supplies depend on individual households and patrols. During the ECW, Evelynn and Syllvan Caecus are equipped with cabins and tents. Cook and healer divisions are present with their own supplies. Home staff provides uniforms to fullhuman members of the Legion; they also provide linens, blankets, and repair the clothing of all Legion members.


Blades, bows, and staffs belong to individuals.


Main method of transport is the Arcane horse. These belong to individual warriors.


The Chieftain leads the Arcane Legion with the aid of the Arcanese Council. The Commander General, who may or may not be the Chieftain, directly controls militant actions of the Legion. In the case that it is the Chieftain, they are referred to as the Chief Commander General. Before the ECW, Commanders organized warriors into individual patrols led by Captains. Within these patrols were blade ranks, bow ranks, and in some cases staff ranks. Many of these warriors also served other roles, such as infiltration specialists, healers, and cooks. The advent of the war introduced the ranks of General and Lieutenants that served under Captains. Battalions were introduced as the unit that Commanders presided over. Generals control the Arcane and Human Legions, which were divided into Battalions controlled by Commanders. Battalions are divided into units commanded by Captains and one to two Lieutenants. The most specialized units comprise the Black Battalion. The three units are responsible for intelligence, infiltration, espionage, reconnaissance, and sabotage.


Arcane training begins in childhood. If possible, children are sent to the Grey Estate to learn from the Grey family who are the longtime trainers of the Legion. They receive formal educations alongside introductions to patrol structures and combat tactics. Because the Legion never fought as a unified unit before the ECW, Camps Evelynn and Syllvan Caecus were built to provide training as a full legion. The camps also allowed for the training and integration of Fullhumans.

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