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One of the closest habitable exoplanets to Earth, Krasnaya was first discovered mere years after the Sundering. It is the third planet orbiting the Wolf 1061 red dwarf star. The discovery was made entirely by accident, by a team of Australian and Russian scientists at the University of New South Wales.

The planet got its name (Russian for "red" or "beautiful") due to the colour of the star it orbits, and because the scientists initially thought the soil was red as well. The irony of the fact that it was not true at the time, but became so due to the terraforming process, is not lost to its current inhabitants.

A tidally-locked planet with one side always facing the system's star, and the other always facing the darkness of space, Krasnaya is a world of contradictions. Thankfully, the terraforming process gave the planet a thick atmosphere, capable of distributing the heat more evenly across the hemispheres.

The light side of the planet is claimed by Dhakhan, the dominion of the Daemon Queen Pandora, while the dark side is home to the people of the Rus Federation. That combination of polities is enough for most Terrans to consider Krasnaya an insane asylum.

While Australians or Russians on their own would have been enough, the two brought together in such a fashion - along with Mongolians and Georgians - is a frightening and sobering thought.


The light side of the planet is peppered with active volcanoes, spewing dark clouds into the atmosphere and rivers of magma into the land. An integral part of the terraforming process, these volcanoes helped transform the once-barren terrain into a lush, if deadly, garden. Most of the planet's islands can be found on this side.

The dark side of the planet used to be an icy wasteland before the terraforming process made it more habitable. Claiming the lion's share of landmass on Krasnaya, it also boasts the greatest number of non-oceanic bodies of water. Lakes and rivers shape the land around them, disrupted only by the handful of tall mountains.

The narrow band between the two sides has been marked irrevocably by the state of Krasnaya before terraforming. Jagged mountain ranges separate parts of the mainland on either side of the archipelago, while a line of islands marks the separation of the two oceans. The two poles are at their thickest along the band, offering another obstacle to those wishing to cross sides.

Flora & Fauna

Few are surprised to find out that the dreaded Australian wildlife has found its way to Krasnaya. Whether intentionally brought by the colonists, or accidentally hitching a ride, every creature and plant that once graced the land down under is on the light side of the planet. Just as predictably, any flora or fauna once native to Russia, Mongolia, or Georgia, now inhabits the dark side of Krasnaya.

Natural Resources

Krasnaya has only been colonised recently and has yet to be fully explored. Because of that, it is unknown just what kind of treasures lay beneath the surface. A safe assumption can be made that the planet offers all that is necessary for civilisation to thrive.
Alternative Name(s)
Wolf 1061c
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