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House Morrigan

Famous for the gorgeous women, and infamous for using Attunement in a manner akin to black magic, House Morrigan has been one of the most notorious throughout the ages.   While only a handful remained in the British Isles - and England specifically - where the original coven was, the House thrived in Avalon.   Their notoriety, has led many to adopt the surname, despite not having any ties to the House itself, with several unrelated bloodlines spread throughout the English speaking world.   Attuned are commonplace among the women of the House, while no male has displayed such abilities, at least on record.

Foreign Relations

The current Patriarch of the House serves as Seneschal to Damian Griffith, head of House Griffith. The two Houses forged an alliance several centuries ago, under mysterious circumstances. Many claim the Gryphons made a deal with the devil – or rather, the Ravens.

We keep your secrets


Sable, three chevronels braced azure, raven argent on closed book rose bound or.


Book (closed), Raven

Geopolitical, Great house
Alternative Names
Related Myths

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